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Auto Strain Question


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I got an auto seed as one of those freebies from attitude which i have never grown before but decided to pop it and see what it is about. I have heard 20/4 Works best for flowering but i do not have a light running at that time. I can put it with the mothers under t5 On an 18/6 Cycle or i can put it with flowering plants under HPS 12/12 Cycle. Which do you think will get me the best results?

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I would say for best results get as close to 20 hrs as you can, put it in the veg room if you have to, 18 is better than 12 for auto flower. thats about the best i can tell ya!

They are realy coming along with them auto flower, my buddy just got 9 zips of of one indoors, I think thats like unheard of! he uses co2, I like the budds a lil tighter than what ive gotten from an 8 week auto flower!


Good Luck to You!





Im sure the 600 watts would be better, but do what you gotta do!

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