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Compassion Club Broke In To..suspect Caught.

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Cadillac new compassion/dispense was broke into ..The Cops caught the guy...


here is story : http://www.9and10news.com/Category/Story/?id=277233&cID=1


Cadillac Teen Arrested for Breaking and Entering


Posted: 12/29/2010


A Cadillac teen is in jail this morning after

police say they caught him fleeing from a business

early this morning.


A clerk at the Twinn Bridges Compassion Club,

a medical marijuana clinic near North Mitchell

and Bell Avenue, called police around 3:30 a.m.,


when they heard breaking glass.


When Wexford County deputies got there,

they heard more glass break in a different

part of the building.


They say the teen ran,

leading them on a lengthy foot chase.


He was cornered in a wooded area with the help of a K9.


The 17-year-old suspect is now in the county jail.


mod copied and paste story

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sentence him to 6 months living and working for free in a hospice/ senior center or to two years providing trnasportation for free to those who can't do it themselves to compassion club meetings


I agree he should be given hundreds of hours in community service helping those who can't help themselves but also, pay for damages and do sometime in jail.


Little creeps like that make my blood boil :growl: !!

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Stuff like this makes me think that just flat out legalizing all around would be a wise idea... Of course the MM folks are going to increasingly become targets to this sort of thing.. Robbers know darn well where that source is, compared to not knowing where underground sources are. Image if anyone could have a couple plants in their yard... there would be no reason to break into places to try getting it.

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“People who transact in recreational drugs present an attractive target for criminals, because the criminals expect to find cash or dope they can easily convert to cash, and they assume there won’t be any police involvement,” he said.


MM patients ARE NOT transacting in recreational drugs, we are making and taking our medicine.

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