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help i need meds can only aford 125 oz pm me cardholder



help i need meds can only aford 125 oz pm me cardholder



hello ive found myself in a jam i bult my room and am out of money im on disability so it took awhile to save for what i got not a lot of extras to the point i need clones if u can hep pm me

thanks and god bless


PLEASE No Reason to Spam the Board ....


One Post is All that is Need ... NOT THREE POST....


I Merged All Three Post into One Post ...

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In the topic just prior to this one "FIRST TIME GROWER" wants to know best way to do a first time grow, soil or hydro? For him and others just starting out, who have never built a room, nor successfully pulled a harvest, just starting ou--the best way to stay out of shortdog's bind--is to find a veteran grower (mentor), explain your budget and your problem BEFORE the funds are gone to equipment and rent and electric. So little $ is needed to start, expansion occurs naturally after the baby is already on the way; mamma puffs up and looks good and we decide after this one to increase the family size.

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