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How Do I Get That 19 Months Back


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KP keep the Faith, baby !

Dont let them get to ya, if possible. Whats up ? Got Meds ?

Remember this one my Mother used to sing to me: "You'll Never get Rich, Digging a ditch, Your in the Army, Now !". .... (you've been recruited !) I forget the rest. You get the Picture ?


The MMJ Army Wants You ! Join Today !


... Peace ....




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Look to tomorrow and try not to dwell on the past, I lived through pure hell for more than 2 years and the only way I lost the depression was to keep thinking to myself that tomorrow will be better and to keep praying. We can't get back time and we can't buy time but we can appreciate every second that we have here and now. I'm really sorry for all your troubles Kingpin, even though the people in power know they are wrong they will never apologize and we have live with that forever.

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I hate to be a poo... but to the authorities, your 19 months is worthless. Just as much as a person who is jailed and then later released when found innocent, their time is worthless too.. Don't even get paid in an apology more often than not.

I find it sad when the authorities eff it up that there really isn't any recourse for wrecking part of someones life. There is no such thing as innocent till proven guilty anymore in our nation.

But on the other side of things... To everyone in the cannabis fight, your 19 months are priceless, and so are the months of many other people that get roped into becoming active players in the government vs citizens game.

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KP, the truth is you can't get those 19 months back but you can stop measuring time lost and start measuring time left. There is plenty of time left to love, and live and share the loving and living.


I know it is a small consolation that you have contributed so much to these discussions and highlighted a few of the problems with the MMMA- thus preventing others in the community from sharing your fate- but it is absolutely true.


Happy New Year and God bless you and your family. From the whole community I say thank you for being in the fight. Even if you die tomorrow the world is a better place for you having been in it and having shared your experiences. That is, after all, the real meaning of life and why we are all here in the first place!

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Im refecting back to April 4th 2009. The bus ride to turn in my paperwork for my Michigan Medical Marijuana Card. Thought to myself this will be a nice hobby for me . Keep my mind focused on other things other than my constant back pain. Well set up camp with a very little setup my largest light being 400 watts. On fixed income so figured go small work my way up if i found i had any talent at this growing thing. Was within my limits counts amounts. Get raided three weeks into our new law and my life i repeat My Life has been in turmoil ever sence.Dont believe this case needed to go past the district court let alone the Court Of Appeals.Seems that they are dragging their feet hoping and praying that i succome to some cancer.Sorry only have a spinal injury that keeps me from being able to do the things i like to do most in life. Prisoner in my own home now this.

But the big Question is how do I get them 19 months back.

Who's going to make this thing right again

Bet i get holding the bag MY LOSS

What is the price tag for 19 months of loss of life ??



i was looking for your post that said this MMJ Law was a joke now am thinking how right you are we have lost so much more in this fight and you did too thier are others here like Archie

it's sad thats all

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