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Urgent Help Needed For Family Member In Need Of Compassion

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My mother pays his rent and his girlfriend does the shopping. My mother found a clinic that did house calls and she arraigned them.


No trolling here, just a scared big brother desperate to help his bro before it's too late.

Well the fist step is getting a diagnosis then. There are a couple organizations that offer housecall services by doctors in his area. One is in Okemos so would be very convenient.


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Hi all,


I'm coming to you pleading for your help. I'm a California MMJ patient. My brother lives in Michigan. He currently suffers from debilitating OCD, Panic Attacks, Bowl Issues (not Crohn's disease) and is beyond miserable. He only sleeps a few hours a day and is up every night. He has tried various pharmaceutical medications and treatments and none have been able to alleviate his symptoms. He is currently home ridden and has literally not left his apartment since January of 2010. He is a prisoner of his on apartment and desperately needs some help.


He had a Dr that was coming out and visiting him at home. They were making progress and were hopeful that they could lick his problems. But this Dr ended up skipping town and disappearing without any notification or courtesy. This has left my brother in a panicked and vulnerable state and he is anti-doctor since the only one that had ever shown some hope toward his situation has left him hanging and spiraling downward. He is at a state now where he is desperate to see a Dr, so now is the time to get someone in there to see him.


One of the options that the Dr was going to pursue was getting him a medical marijuana license and to also get him on disability and a state medical card.


Now I know that us Californians have a lot more leeway towards getting a MMJ card. It's really as simple as walking into a participating DR and saying you stubbed your tow. Now MI it seams only allows for certain conditions such as AIDS and Cancer. Well, he doesn't have those, or any on the list I saw in the MI bill. What he does have are multiple debilitating mental conditions that leave him stuck in his apartment living in a personal hell. MMJ have both helped myself with my issues and our mother as well. We are very hopeful that safe access to marijuana treatment will assist him as well. If not curing his symptoms, at least alleviating his symptoms enough to where he can manage to leave the house, see a Dr and live life again away from his 1 bedroom hell.


The big caveat here is that to get approved, he would have to have someone out there come see him as he is incapable of leaving his apartment. He lives in the East Lansing area of Michigan.


I'm hoping, no I'm praying that there is someone here with some information that will help him get a medical marijuana card and start his road to recovery. He is not a drug user, has never had a drink of liquor. He’s a great guy, a friggin’ genius and is just stuck in his head.


Please help.

Thank youCpl things, If your brother is on meds for his conditions, and the side affects of his medication cause nauseation, Headaches, ect, and he has to take them regualry probably along time. Then he would qualify under that..Also what area is your brother in? that would also help..

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I saw the Okemos one. I contacted him and he said that was somewhat close.


I actually think that VPA was the company that had sent the first Dr out there. We are currently working with the office to get someone else out there, but as you can guess with his condition that it is hit or miss when a window might open where he can see someone.


A few questions:


When the Dr does see him, what would he need to get in order to get a referall to get a card? i would like to try and knock out as much as possible during the visit since they are so rare. The more info I can pass onto my bro's g/f to cover during the visit.


He doesn't seem to qualify under the ailments described in the MI bill. but I did see this "any other medical condition or treatment for a medical condition that is defined as chronic and debilitating." Would his conditions qualify him under that?


Would he have to go see a Marijuana Dr after the normal Dr in order to get the referral?


Do you have medical marijuana delivery services in Mi like we do in CA?


If not, would his GF be able to pick it up in his absence if there was a Dr's note stating he was unable to leave the house?


thank you for responding!

You're getting way ahead of yourself chief. He needs to get diagnosed first. If a dr was out there before he must've been diagnosed, right? Get those records and find out. If so, then you can worry about how to get the marijuana certification. If not then get the visiting physicians to diagnose him with whatever it is he has, if indeed he has something. Then you can ask them if they will sign his certification if he qualifies.

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I put it in the original post, but I typed alot so it's easy to miss.


He lives in East Lansing, Michigan a few minutes from the college out there.


He is currently on paxil and xanax, but his med routine changes depending on how the dr tries to treat it.


I just talked to my mother and the Drs that have been visiting him are the Visiting physicians (VPA). What would we need to have them put in a diagnosis for him to qualify?


Thanks all!

You said the doctor was from a clinic and skipped town. Now all of a sudden he is a pt of VPA? Which is it? Your post is very strange, almost as if you are an MSU student trying to score so you can party tonight.


If he is on paxil and xanax then he was already diagnosed with a problem and he is obviously currently seeing a dr because no dr gives an unlimited script for xanax. So tell him to ask the doc he is seeing to sign a mj certification. If the doc won't then try to figure out what to do next. Stop putting the cart before the horse.

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this is the form that needs to be filled out by a doctor.


If his Visiting Physician will sign it the great.


If not, he will need at least the last 3 prior years records to forward to a MM clinic.


I'm not sure though how many will sign without him having to leave his home, but there may be some.


Mental conditions at this time do not apply. However Chronic pain is. If he has pain from any of the medications he has to take for his mental conditions (some have ulcers as a side effect.....ulcers are painful, have the condition for more than 3-6 months and it is chronic pain), and his visiting Physician has it documented, he just needs to request copies of his records.

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