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First Time Grower

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The best way for a nubie to grow--better than any other--is find someone who has done it before for a long time or/ is doing it now. Be compatable with them and both of you be certain of the terms of your being mentored. So many growers come to classes after 3,4,5 crop failures or 1/20 or 1/10 yield they hoped for--tapped out, over-equipped and if they were--are--caregivers, carrying with them the bitter disappointment they feel at having failed the patients who trusted them. These failures make up the bulk of enrollees at $460. Often times when you're seeking clones the seller may turn out to be the very person who can keep you off detours. When you start talking 'tried and failed' some compassionate person locally often will step up to help. Trust your gut and your woman's too cause she's involved and for some months this tutor/mentor/coach/critic is going to be a significant part of your life.

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I would probably start in soil just because its easier and cheaper to set up. Dont let other posters scare you too much. When i grew for first time i knew no one else who grew and i was able to get good returns the first time. Start with good strong genetics that are easy to grow and strong against bugs and mildew. I started with powerplant from dutch passion which i have found to be pretty easy to grow even with mistakes. Read either cervantes grow bible or there is another grow bible but cant think of author right now. You can find video's on youtube as well. Good luck and have fun.

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