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Fox Farm Nutes In Dwc


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Good point.


I just decided to try FF recently.

My basic issue is that during the last few months of bloom, when using FF nutes, my PH keeps dropping to 5.4 or 5.5

Tiger Bloom is very acidic and is responsible for the drop in PH. This part I was already aware of.

However, it seems that I am adjusting the PH every day when I didn't need to with other nutrients I've tried.


My solution was to just use more PH up, essentially raising the overall PH of my res to the higher end of the acceptable range, around 6.2

After a couple of days though, my PH is still drifting down. Perhaps I'll ditch FF. I'm not crazy about the sand inside of Big Bloom because I think it only interferes with my air stones and this PH issue is bothersome. It almost makes me want to go back to the Lucas Formula. I haven't used that in many years but my memories are all fond of it. Simple. Effective. Stable.




Problem really solved now. I was also adding in Silica Blast before I adjusted the PH of my res. The Silica Blast was locking in my PH too low. Lesson learned. Add SB in last.

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