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Tuscola County Dispensary!

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Well guess somebody's putting their money where my mouth is. The local community and county government and citizen response will be an interesting thing to watch unfold. If he can stand his ground here then the future looks much brighter. Think positive!

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Amsdill said newly sworn-in governor Rick Snyder has said he plans to try to overturn the law.

their you go

it's going to get interesting around here

We can only hope Gov Snyder is a true business man and works on the top 3 issues facing Michigan, which the MMMA is not one of.

As a Business Man/Fiscal Conservative Republican he should focus on: The economy, lowering taxes, and business deregulation.


Even from a political perspective how does he score points with the electorate by going after a measure 63% of them voted for, when the only issue this Michigan electorate cares about is JOBS, JOBS, & JOBS.

If he needs a social issue to bandy about how about:Child abuse, getting LEO hard as nails on those who would prey on children.

If he needs a health issue how about:Obesity, geez louise that's a slam dunk here in the Muffin-Top State.

A Fat tax, think about the revenue....

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Guest finallyfree09

i still can't understand why on earth the mmma endorsed snyder. he said he wanted to change or overturn the law LONG before the election. endorsing him was obviously a bad move.

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