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New Year Pledge: Help As Many As We Can Get Legal

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Last night we held our monthly community watch meeting and after the meeting several of us gathered at my home to carry on the discussions we started earlier.


Most of those present were aware that I use MM have my card but don't know about my garden and never will. After ten minutes or so I excused myself and went to my room to medicate and when I came back into the living room twenty minutes later one of those who knew asked if I had just medicated I said yes, and the flood gates opened!


For the next four and half hours talk was centered around MM and the current state of affairs with the law. seems most of the people at my home last night would qualify as patients but are concerned because of the recent and continued arrests of patients.


when i told them that as long as you are obeying the letter of the law and treat Mm as you would any powerful medication don't drive under the influence and you'll be fine.


Then questions started to be asked about why I chose cannabis instead of traditional pain medication and when I started telling them what those traditional pain medications are doing to their kidneys and livers and showed them articles on the web attitudes started to change.


These aren't stupid people they just don't have access to either the Internet or a way to get a hold of the most currant medical information about cannabis and that's where we make our presence felt and educate everyone we can about cannabis and its medical qualities.


Of the seven people who were at my home last night five do not drive for various reasons and six out of the seven do not have access to the Internet for one reason or another.


Think about the people who live in your neighborhood or on your street how many of them do you think you could openly and honestly discuss medical marijuana with if you knew they had a qualifying condition. I just discovered four last night who are today starting the process to get their patient card.


Two of them will have to establish a Doctor patient relationship because with no health insurance they have no regular family Dr or any kind of medical record history to back their conditions.


I believe its been estimated that *ten percent (10%) of Michigan residents are disabled and would meet one or more of the qualifying conditions that over a million possible patients!


I know we are still fighting for our rights under the law we have now and helping more people become patients may feel like a waste of time but with numbers comes power!


Power at the voting booth, power at rallies, power of the images of wheel chair bound sick people begging not to be TASED or arrested for legally using cannabis for medicinal reasons as allowed under our law.


Its a new year lets all make a pledge to try and help as many people as we can get qualified as you personally can. Not asking anyone to spend money out of you pockets maybe they just need a ride, pay for postage, copy some paperwork but if you can help someone with a little money it really feels good to do so I can tell you that.


I went to the ATM at 6am this morning to draw out $35.00 to help one of my neighbors pay for their visit to get their patient certification.






Persons with a disability, age 5+, 2000 1,711,231


Persons with a disability, age 5+ definition and source info

Individuals were classified as having a disability if any of the following three conditions was true:


1. They were five years old and over and reported a long-lasting sensory, physical, mental or self-care disability;

2. They were 16 years old and over and reported difficulty going outside the home because of a physical, mental, or emotional condition lasting six months or more; or

3. They were 16 to 64 years old and reported difficulty working at a job or business because of a physical, mental, or emotional condition lasting six months or more.


Disability status was not tabulated for persons in institutions, people in the Armed Forces, and people under 5 years old. The percentage shown is calculated by dividing the number of persons with a disability by the number of civilian non-institutionalized persons 5 years old and over.


And yes! If my five year old would benefit from cannabis therapy I would allow it.

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