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Do Clones Count Towards Your Allowed Plant Total?

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So my question to you guys out there - do clones count towards the (12) plant limit per person? I am currently a patient and caregiver, and have always counted my clones towards my plant total. I'm not in this to get rich and ultimately error on the side of caution. Obviously, this does limit the amount of plants (and time each plant takes), but I would hate to spend time in jail for a simple mistake. I'm lucky to get 75% of my clones to root and become healthy plants....


So.... Do clones count? If they don't, when do they start counting? When you replant them in a pot? If they do count, do they count as soon as you cut them and put them in a cloner/humidity dome? Or do they count when they develop roots?


Many thanks for any help with this!

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