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Locally Blown Glass

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Bubblegrower, not yet! It's on my bucket list to give it a go, though. El Scorcho just happens to be one of my favorite Weezer songs.


ahhh :)


i had thought about starting a thread like this a few weeks ago, but bailed on it.


kudos to you for coming through..... i would LOVE to buy a local piece. i home some locals show up :)

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I just heard about some one blowing specialized glass for peeps at a head shop,,,,as soon as i remember my name ill look into where that was! :thumbsu:


I know we have a few mich glass blowers and jsut heard of one at a head shop! sorry, I will find it eventualy and let folks know!


I just used my vapir one, man I cant get the dose down, and dont want to waiste any so i get waisted! least i dont have to go anywhere and the kids are going to friends for the weekend, so hmmmm i mite do waht i did when i was younger and see just how mecicated i can get today/tonite Im feeling no pain for a change, you know the only other medication that made me pain free while i was on it was a 100 mg duragesic patch(fetynal, morphine) and since i dont use any narcotics (only cellexa for anxiety issues, id love to get off of them but havent found the rite mm to help me)any suggestions would be apreciated,,,,its wierd when you get to be 48 (50) you actualy start worrying about what these docs want you to put in your system daily! ;)


Ok Ill find the blow place!






You guys like my new avitar?

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Do you place any of your pieces out in any other shops?


I was at 'Blown' in Old Town Lansing and they had some

exquisite pieces there by a MI artist (of course... I don't

remember his name now, doh).

The etched initials were either PD or DP.

Just wondering if he were you?


DP is for Dan P. I met him a couple time when he worked for FLOW, when it was still open in Birmingham. I had talked with him about blowing me a custom ashcatcher. I was in "blown" 2 weeks ago and the lady told me he relocated to the TC area.


Here is his gallery


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i recently purchased an HMK curve similar to the one below that is 45 degree angle and 10mm.


i am having a hard time finding a pipe that is 10mm and it looks like i need to have one custom made.

i am located in SE michigan (macomb county) and was wondering if anyone can make me something or know someone i can contact about making a piece to fit this?


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