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Caregiver Question


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I am a new caregiver. I am very capable in the growing and knowledge of marijuana. Still learning everyday about the business side. Wanted to know if you need to actually register a business name with the state of Michigan, get tax ID number for caregiving business. If so, how do you report earnings? Will I be required to have receipts for MM purchases? ANY info on the business side of caregiving would really helpful.

Thank you and good luck with ypur business

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first you go down to the county building and give them a plan of your g.r, than you go to your county sherrif, local po po dept, and state boys and tell them your growing,


Every one you distribute to, you will have to have there card, ss#, adress, and Birth date, keep on wall in the open for every one to read, and you keep track of all your supplys including gas to get to your nutes and lites, electric costs, time in labor, and you file with the irs, and you 1099 all of your patients and suppliers!



I hope this helps! :rolleyes:


Good luck to ya!






do some reading of the law! you may not be ready to be a c.g yet!

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