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I was wondering if anyone has trim to spare? I cannot afford to pay alot, but am willing to pay what i can for it. I only medicate with medibles and due to a recent move and other problems, I'm starting at step 1 again with my plants. If you have some available, please pm me. I am in central michigan, but do not mind driving to pick it up if i have to. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. I'll even pass some of the medibles I make back to you in return. :)

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Does anyone know where I should begin looking? Please a little guidance.

Honestly i think your name kind of throws people a bit and people may be thinking that you want their trim to make money off it by making oil or hash which most growers like me do.



Where are you located at in central michigan maybe we can get you in touch with the right people in your location.

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Well, we had hopes of taking on new patients this year, but our garden was in a seperate location and when the owner got freaked out (even though we are 100% legal) we had to move the garden....went down to just trying to keep our plants alive until we could find space in our home....now here we are....no working garden at this time, still converting the room....and just enough on hand to keep our 1 patient (my dad) with meds. This means no meds for me or my hubby because my dad is most important. I do not want to make money off of this....I just would like to have something to keep my MS at bay until we can get our stuff going again.


yes king, i'm in central michigan.


Sorry for any confusion, I am a good person, not trying to profit off of others work, just committed to helping my dad and hoping to make it through myself.

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GLMH... make your plight here http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/topic/21461-are-you-a-patient-in-need-of-meds/


Seems to be working for people...


I have a bunch of stuff, but nothing really with tricts on it.. would be more for the C content rather than the T content..


I'm basically in/was the same position as you right now, except for my room was killing everything!!! Since the move my grow, I've had a complete 180* turn around (this happened a month ago) and should be seeing actual medicine end of Feb, beginning of March.. :thumbsu: leading up to this, I've had 5 solid attempts fail on me... I'm about to renew my card, and I MIGHT see meds by the time I do.. :growl:


Good luck, I'm about to post myself... What little meds I've been able to scrounge around running out for everyone..

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