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good post kingpinn maybe it will educate the rest out there,,,it is our right to bare arms!


Thats one thing I dont mind braging about on here, I have more weapons than God! I have so much ammo i have to go out and shoot it up every yr and rotate it! I will defend myself! If it requires it,,I will shoot first and aske questions never!


I dont realy have the mind set of the militia groups! but I will protect me and mine at any cost! I dont want my dogs getting killed all i want them to do is tell me some is here that isnt supposed to! than they get locked up and a few weapons are loaded and in strategic places in my home! dont come chasing me, you mite get a big surprise!






I love my laser sites! :thumbsu::goodjob: if you by chance see that red dot, its to late!!!

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ya but nothing really beats a good siga 12 http://cdn5.thefirearmsblog.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/12/albums-z210-macabre1-2007-img-4336.jpg some great VARIETY of ammo my favorite is the non room penetrating avenger check out the catalog tab and then the 12 gage products


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ive had a hi point 9mm carbine for about 3 years now and i really like it

its never misfired on me, not one time.When i pull the trigger it shoots.

i added a high powered light with flipdown infra-red lense and a pushbutton

pop-down bipod forgrip this gun is very accurate, nice small gun for home safety

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also enjoy 2 years prison minimum sentence for having a firearm while committing a crime...if you are raided and have even the smallest issue that you can be charged for you will go to prison for 2 years...how about not bring people to your home and not discussing it with anyone other then your patients..anyone else is asking for trouble

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