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Good Afternoon All

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Hello everyone, been a lurker here for a little while now and figure why not say hello to everyone and see what the people are like on here. As I said, I am new here, but have been on og, icmag, thcfarmer, ect. for quite some time now.


I'd like to thank a hippy dude I met two years ago for introducing me to how this great plant should be grown, organically. With his blackberry that tasted like pure fruity pebbles to the orange krush that was like taking a bite out of a freshly peeled orange, senior, gracias.


Since then I've stuck to different types of organic growing such as super soils, "organic" fertilizers (ex. AN), top dressings, teas, lb, compost, ect. Now, I simply use amended soils, lb, fpe's, teas when needed, and I'm always trying new things because you're never done learning.


I had a sativa craving a few years back and only grew out some Oaxacan high-grade I received from a friend on his travels. A pure sativa that stretched like a MF even when slowly introduced. It had a low yield, but immense power. It was also the sweetest bud I have every tasted, no other taste, just sweeeet!


Now I have an Arcata Trainwreck cut I've had for a few years now, a Warlock cut I received from a friend, and a strawberry haze cross I've been working on.


Clones on the way to try out: Pre 98 NL cut, a blueberry cut, a sweettooth #4 cut, and a Pre 98 Bubba cut


I am a MMM Patient and soon to be caregiver. My goal is to help as many people as I can, in any way I can. Be it through education, medication, or simply a helping hand.


As of yet I have not gotten involved with the "cause", as there is little time due to work. In the near future I look to be highly involved with my community as well as find a place nearby that holds weekly or monthly meetings. With what I have seen and experienced, the use of medical marijuana has exploded from just cancer patients who need help with eating and aiding in pain alleviation to marijuana being used as an aid to the treatment of the immensely vague term "back pain".


Well sorry for the rambling, just trying to say hello and tell you a little bit about me.


Peace and happy growing



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Thank you it's nice to be welcomed here. As for the strains, yes they are very nice, but I was very lucky to have known a local man with MS who had been collecting on his travels. He passed a few years back and left me a few cuts. As for the rest, they are all from local growers. I always have leftover clones :D as for pictures I need to get a camera, which is on the list of a million things to do, but that's life.

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