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Doctor Patient Issues


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KingPinn, some of us don't get a chance to read and respond to all posts as much as we would like. Many here feel pain for your plight. No human should be put through what you have been put through so far. As you may know, I am no lawyer. But I do believe that everyone who has put your private information out both times should be help accountable. Unfortunately, we have a police state where no amount of moral or ethical right allows for those officials to be punished. They are above the law. Unless there are extreme swings in our society away from oppression and tyranny and towards freedom, we the people have no regress, as far as I can see. In a just world, you would be made whole and more. But in this Orwellian nightmare created by our democrats and republicans we are to be controlled, exploited, and exterminated if need be.

I would give you a donation for your legal help if I had the means to do so. I can offer no help to your question. I can offer hope to you as a human. I believe you are doing what is right. Somewhere the universe has to be corrected. For your sake, I hope it is today!

Everyone, please send your thoughts to KingPinn right now. He needs our help.

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Kingpinn .. In the bottom of my heart i want to Yell HANG THEM SUCKERS HIGH... Make them Pay!!.. If only i knew how to make that happen.. I would tell you right away.. ITS NOT FAIR!! I am praying for you and holding you close to my heart. I am so ashamed of how our society has treated you.. We all know and they will too that you are right and they are wrong..

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Question, did you give the info to TV 6? Also in Kalkaska? If not, I would sue for giving out your name and address, both of wich are protected in the confidentiality part of the law. Hang em' High Kingpinn


h) The following confidentiality rules shall apply:


(1) Applications and supporting information submitted by qualifying patients, including information regarding their primary caregivers and physicians, are confidential.

(2) The department shall maintain a confidential list of the persons to whom the department has issued registry identification cards. Individual names and other identifying information on the list is confidential and is exempt from disclosure under the freedom of information act, 1976 PA 442, MCL 15.231 to 15.246.


(3) The department shall verify to law enforcement personnel whether a registry identification card is valid, without disclosing more information than is reasonably necessary to verify the authenticity of the registry identification card.


(4) A person, including an employee or official of the department or another state agency or local unit of government, who discloses confidential information in violation of this act is guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by imprisonment for not more than 6 months, or a fine of not more than $1, 000.00, or both. Notwithstanding this provision, department employees may notify law enforcement about falsified or fraudulent information submitted to the department.

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Am here for you hang inn their we know how you feel we lost are house because of the news paper put are house on T.V that house i/we lived inn for 30 + years and it's gone i cant even drive by it i feel so bad and the house was paid for we will never get anything back

right now we just feel like we are lucky to not be inn jail

now we rent 900$ and i only make 1100$ a month with out are food stamps we would not be eating that is why it's hard for us to go to Lansing because of gas for the car it will take all of are gas money for the month just to go

i hope this helps

Peace From The Front



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I know how angry you are in regard to the issues you have been through.


But...........most of us don't know WHAT to do! We support you, we feel like you are right..............


But, what to do.........has your lawyer given you any advice? This seems like something they would want to go after.....esp the news. There could be some $$ there and a lawyer should be able to see that.


If you didn't provide any of your medical info to any of the news stations.......then you should get a lawyer and sue. If you can't get a lawyer, file a small claims case and take it to Judge Judy, or Judge Alex, Or Judge Mathis! I would write all of them. YOU need some exposure. You have already been put out there. You might as well put it ALL out there!


That is my opinion Kingpin..........


I wish you well...........if you need something specific from the community you will have to let us know.

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I see im wasting my breath here.


Done posting .


Done supporting .


Support is a two way street



Member in good standing BLACKSHEEP LOUNGE

MMMA Member # 238

GCCC Member in good standing # 17

Card issued 04/20/2009


Morning ' Kingpinn '


I'm not sure what the Answer is ?


That is My Biggest Fears if the Chit Hits the Fan




Everytime I've ended up in the Court System in the past ,


I would ALWAYS find out who my Real Friends were ....


One thing i just have a hard time understanding is that you

belong to one of the Biggest Compassion Clubs in the State

and you can't get No Support / Help / Answers there ? ? ? ? ?


I know how you feel ' Kingpinn ' ,


But what can i do ?


I could send you a little Cash ....


I could help you w/ some Meds ....


I could give you my phone number to lend a ear ...


But other then that ...


I'm like you ,

I'm wearing thin and about ready to throw the towel in myself


I'm tired of all the Fighting ...

I'm tired of all the Back Stabbing from So-Called-Friends ...


Tired of People Fighting over Fame and Fortune ( Money )

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Kingpinn, I'm not a lwayer but...


I do have some experience with this kind of thing,


If it were me, I would first establish whether or not the information published was 'public record', if it IS there may not be much you can do.


If the information that was published about you WAS private by law, like health information or other 'protected' information, AND YOU did not give that information out, or sign a 'release of information' to have that info given out, you stand a much better chance of taking care of the situation through 'legal' efforts.


Find out if the information released / published was defined as 'public' or 'private' information.


If it we're me and it could be legally proven that the information released about me WAS 'private and protected' information I'd sue their a*ses off in a New York minute... and I'd hold out for the BIG money!!!


Good luck with it !

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Wasnt getting an answer on the other thread so here i will try again


Have had my doctor patient info spewed out to the public twice. In my matter it was broardcast over TV 6 News with a detailed map of where i live and grow marijuana.And the matter in Kalkaska. My name was outted several times.So what should my recorse be . Who's to be held acountable for that happening twice two different times and places


In general, once a person is arraigned on charges, its a matter of public record. Your address is generally not confidential either. The fact that you are a medical marijuana patient is, but the slightest statement from you, or somebody representing your interest could waive that provision.


For example, say I am representing a patient who produced his paperwork for LEO, who told him it looked like it was all in order, but office policy is to cite him and the let the prosecutor decide (worth noting that had he had his card, there would have been no issue - apparently people are faking their paperwork - i.e not sending the check in, etc.). As his attorney, he authorized me to disclose his paperwork to the PA. He waived his confidentiality. Now, that does not mean that the PA or I could go on the 6 PM news and mention his name, the fact he is a patient, etc. But if I did, that's not a violation of the MMMA, its a violation of the MRPC (Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct) for violation of my duty of confidentiality and the attorney client privilege.


Moving on, if the PA decides to go ahead with charges to trial, the PA would not be violating a confidence if in a press conference said that the defendant would be utilizing defenses afforded him in the MMA. So now, my client is known to be a patient, who was arrested for possession, etc.


I also believe (I stress believe because I have not researched the issue)that the PA or LEO could make a good faith argument that posting on the internet, within the public domain, that you are a patient, and you grow, etc. could be a waiver of certain confidences as well.


If you would like to discuss the matter further, I would be happy to chat with you. PM me and we can exchange contact information. Sorry for the long answer, but in law, there is seldom a short one.

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