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Va Compensation And Pension Exam

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Hey all! I had a psych exam for C&P recently, it didn't go well at all. The psychologist was a horrible little man with a huge grudge against MMJ. I was barely seated before he asked about my MMJ use, "I see here that you have a MI MMJ card, how much do you use?" I replied "I use around a half a gram a day, split into two bowls, when I have meds which is very rare as I am poor and cannot afford to use the medicine as much as I would like for my chronic pain/anxiety/insomnia". As he leapt out of his chair he said "In that case I am going to call it over right now, I cannot diagnose someone who is under the influence" I quickly replied that I was in no way under the influence of MMJ at this time, I never use before I go to the VA even before a regular doctors visit. He returned to his seat and threatened to diagnose me as a Schizophrenic due to my MMJ use. Then he said that everyone is wrong about MMJ and we are going to have generations of schizo's because of the acceptance of MMJ as medicine. I told him that my VA Primary Care Doctor a month before told me to stick with the MMJ for my pain. He retorted "If that were true he needs to be fired, no VA Doctor can recommend MMJ". I asked if he knew that the VA has changed it's stance on MMJ and treats it the same as any other medicine. He denied knowing and said "I don't have time to look that up" Which I found hilarious as he is a "doctor" at the VA hospital that issued the new regulations, that being the Battle Creek VA. I told him that if he had looked at my records he would see that I had already been screened for "drug abuse" over a year and a half ago due to me having the MMJ card, which by the way the Ann Arbor VA determined that I am not a drug abuser. Also, I have had regular contact with a mental health professional at the AAVA and nothing had ever been said that my MMJ had any effect on my mental state. Again he said that he didn't have the time to be looking through my records. Hmmm, anyone else see a problem there? Anywho, for any other Veteran out there who has a psychological problem for which you are claiming as service connected and a MMJ card or even a blood or urine test positive for MMJ, be ready to answer for your MMJ use and that it may be a determining factor in your psych evaluation. Thanks for letting me vent.

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tell him to read this and get a clue


Letters: VA marijuana policy outllined

by The Saginaw News

Wednesday May 27, 2009, 1:52 PM

Editor, The News:

As a clarification to the article on medical marijuana in the VA, it is important for veteran patients and visitors of the VA medical center in Saginaw and community based outpatient clinics in Alpena, Clare, Gaylord, Oscoda and Traverse City to understand how the new law regarding the use of medical marijuana will be handled by VA medical center police and practitioners.

The legalization of medical marijuana in Michigan is acknowledged. However, pursuant to federal law, VA physicians, nurse practitioners and other licensed clinicians are not authorized or permitted to participate in the recommendation for treatment of or prescribing medical marijuana to a VA patient that would otherwise be legal in Michigan. Furthermore, the VA will not dispense, prescribe or store medical marijuana, and its possession on VA property remains illegal and a criminal offense.

However, it is acknowledged that testing positive for marijuana in a patient, based upon a random drug screening, will not serve as a breach of the current pain management agreement if the patient submits documentation in support of the marijuana being prescribed and dispensed in conformity with Michigan law.

The above withstanding, veteran patients and visitors who are registered users of medical marijuana must follow all laws and regulations for the possession and use of the medical marijuana and shall not bring medical marijuana on the grounds of the VA medical center. Possession on federal grounds remains illegal and may subject the possessor to appropriate criminal charges.

Our priority to provide quality health care to veterans remains steadfast. A veteran's care and the right to pain management continue to be very important in enhancing the veteran's health care outcomes.

Veterans with questions or concerns regarding their participation with medical marijuana may be directed to their primary care provider.

Gabriel Perez

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