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Man Faces Jail Time In Eaton County As A Medical Marijuana Paitent

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Unfortunately hes screwed he plead guilty so the probation department can impose any stipulation during his probation period with little to no protection from the Michigan medical marijuana act.


I disagree.


The law protects any patient or caregiver from ANY penalty whatsoever for their lawful medical use of cannabis.


The judge can order someone to stay away from alcohol. There is no law that says otherwise.

The judge can order someone to stay away from their prescription Vicodin. There is no law that forbids him from doing so.


NOTHING else has the strong protections that cannabis does in Michigan. NOTHING else has this level of legal protection.


As far as legal protections go, cannabis is unique.

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The cost breakdown is as:



Weekly Random Drug Test (one per week for 24 months)

104 weeks @ $25.00 a week. Total Cost $2600.00


Weekly Drug Counseling sessions for the Marijuana addiction

Total Cost $985.00


3 AA classes per week for 24 months (Marijuana Addiction)

With “Donations Accepted” on a volunteer basis $20.00 per session.



Domestic Violence Prevention Classes $200.00




If you happen to go to jail and spend any time there your cost breakdown is:



Room and Board @ $40.00 per night

Use of Telephone @ $5.99 per minute




This person is a first time “offender” and if you multiply these figures by the number of prisoners taken in per week, you have a money cash cow for the Eaton County Sheriff Department.


It's very interesting to see the cost breakdown. $10,025 if there is no jail time.


Add another $1200 if there is a 30 day jail sentence (assuming you don't use the phone).


If you multiply $10,000 times 19,691, the number of marijuana arrests in Michigan in 2007 (I don't have current figures on hand) you get $196,910,000.


Nice little cottage industry they've got going.


No wonder they don't like our law.

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Our problem is, the judges are taking it upon themselves, to rewrite the will of the people. The innocents are being persecuted, so that politicians can show how tough they are.The sad truth is, that the patients, just seek refuge. They are unable to defend themselves from everyday life. Then to have the full force of the state thrown against them, is wrong on every level. They don't even follow their own procedures or rulings from the appeals courts. The polls say that this reign of terror will be short. We must insure this by involving ourselves, our friends and our families. We have the numbers to rock their world! And yes, IT IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! Thanks, Bb


One area that needs to change is judges being elected to the bench. Also, the disciplinary process against judges has to go further when dealing with these usurpers of the law.


Laws are the spider's webs which, if anything small falls into them they ensnare it, but large things break through and escape.

- Solon

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