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Recall Of State Officials

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Recall is a procedure that allows citizens to remove and replace a public official before the end of a term of office.


Eighteen states permit the recall of state officials Michigan is one.


Recall efforts against two Michigan state senators in 1983 were successful for the first time in that state's history.


The language in Michigan's constitution, however, is more typical and acknowledges the political nature of recall efforts: "The sufficiency of any statement of reasons or grounds...shall be a political rather than a judicial question." (Const. Art. II §8)



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Recalls can be successful but there is a lot of work involved in the process. Having a little past experience with the process what I did find is you will have a difficult time getting your wording approved."They" use this tactic of not approving your wording because there is a short window of time to get your paperwork approved, get the necessary signatures, and get those signatures approved. We had an attorney write our petition wording and the county gave us such a hard time we ran out of time.




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I think the wording in the AG situation could be very short and sweet since we have his approval to release records. I also think this it is a GREAT idea and should be done now.


Just the act of getting the wording submitted, which in this case would be done at the state level, would draw more media attention to our cause. My guess is just the simple act of submitting the wording of the petition could be done cheaply.


This would be filed at the state level, after which they would have to schudule a "clarity" hearing. Even if the effort ended after the submission, a point would be made.


Multpiple petitions could be submitted by multiple attorneys on the same day, forcing them to answer to all three within 20 days.


It would be big to send it in within 48 hours, as the 2/1 is 20 days off now.

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