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What's The Best Way To Contact Mdch

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Personally I had to write a letter to them, and request my info on my app. the name on the app. must be the one writing it as well as a witting why you are requesting and a signature.


Hope this helps,


RE-Authorization to Release Information - ________________x

Registration ID___________ or if no card the most info you can provide from your application.



The MDCH authorization to release information on ___________________ < subject, date requested.


They will provide you VIA certified mail: a search of all qualifying patients, registered patients,Registered primary CG, and pending applications, has found the following information is reasonably believed to be complete and accurate through the search dates of XX-XX-XXX, and XX-XX-XXX,


I certify that a search for applications, payments, supporting documents, registry cards, and correspondence or other documents regarding an application or issuance of a Michigan Medical Marihjuana Registry card for _________________x, DOB XX-XX-XXXX, were located


further states that they certify the status whether your certified or pending date issued and date application was submitted and or approved on such dates and if the application was COMPLETE or INCOMPLETE, or determined DENIED, or not, states how the the MDCH received payments and dates that they cashed and mine was cashed from the MDCHCashReiptingOffice, date received and combined with application received date.

Celeste Clarkson, Compliance Section Manager

Health Regulatory Division, Bureau of Health Professions

P.O Box 30083

Lansing, Michigan 48909

Telephone: 517.373.4992

There call her!!! good luck


Good luck least you know know what to expect to see when you get the letter!!!




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