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Age Old Rgsnics


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Has anyone has any experience with this? I am gonna grow organically, focusing on the microbial life. Trying to decide between age old organics or Humbolt. Seeme like with the old old line I will need a cal/mag suppliment.. My plan is to use compost teas and suppliment with either age old or humbolt. So has anyone ever used this? So far from my research it seems like a good product at a reasonable price. So, anythoughts on this?

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I use Age Old Organics for a supplement in the same manner as you are suggesting. I've used the Grow early in seedling stage (diluted to 500 PPM or less) when it didn;t make sense brew up a batch of tea. I've aslo used Bloom to get a little more nitrogen in early flower as depending on your guano (if that's what you use) ther may not be much there. I use AACT's and guano teas. I like the idea of varying supplementation to get some micronutrients or trace elemnts I might be missing in my teas.


I also used Oregon's Only Oranic Nectar of the God's line of organics in my flower cyle rotating it with the guano and AAC teas. My results far exceeded my expectations.

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