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Has Anyone Gown...........

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I am on my second Lowryder purple Jems by Joint DR. really really small plant this one is about 8" tall at 46 days from seed and the last was 4". Good smoke not really strong in the head but kills pain very well. Neither plant actually became purple. The branch with twist tie has been pollenated and growing seeds since day 24 about 7 days after noticing it was female. These should be mature seeds at harvest unlike my last 100+ seeds that I can't seem to germinate they were pretty green mostly :(



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I have been able to try about 6 different Autoflower strains in the past year, found 1 that was worthy of notice, the remainder however, the head was not very long lasting, about 30-45 minutes and I needed something for relief of my pain. I find that most good stains will last me anywhere from 3-5 hours, not this tho. I would never waste good growing space on anything that doesn't last more than an hour. Supposed to be feminized? Then why all the hermies and males in a batch? I know that Michigan strain breeder MDanzig has been working some magic with auto's, hope he's able to do something with them...Peace...j.b.

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