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Oakland County Leo Has No Shame

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Hi all,


I came across this article and it just blew my mind. We, in this community, are well aware of Oakland County's willingness to bend the rules and stretch the facts. This story is perhaps one of the most chilling I've ever read. In short, a father was arrested and served 80 days in jail after being accused of raping his 14 year old autistic daughter. The arrest was made based on a statement "from" the daughter obtained through a technique called "facilitated communication" in which an aide types on a keyboard for the girl. There was absolutely no physical evidence of any sexual misconduct.


His daughter was severely autistic, functioned at the level of the 2 year old, and was unable to answer even simple questions (like the color of clothing she was wearing in court) using the same "facilitated communication" technique. Eventually the charges were dropped and the county just settled a wrongful arrest suit for $1.8 million without admitting police wrongdoing.


The reason I'm posting it here? Take a look at the chilling video of the police interrogation of the supposed victim's brother, a 13 year old boy with aspbergers. They questioned him for over 2 hours without an adult present and REPEATEDLY directly lied to him saying that they had physical and video evidence that his father molested his sister, that he and his father had inappropriate sexual encounters, and that the brother actually participated in the abuse of his sister. Later, they admitted that none of this was true and that they had absolutely zero evidence.


If Oakland County LEO and prosecuors are willing to go to these extremes, toquestion a 13 year old aspberger's child for hours without council or even an adult present, and accuse him of sexually abusing his sister so they can make a case where there is none, including no indication that abuse even occurred, then it shouldn't surprise us that they are using intimidation tactics, false arrests, and fake ID cards to entrap medical marijuana patients and caregivers.


They have no shame, no ethics, no conscience.


Link to article: http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/artikkel?Dato=20110112&Kategori=NEWS03&Lopenr=101120405&Ref=AR&template=fullarticle

Link to article with video of 13 year old aspbergers boy being questioned, lied to, and accused of sexual assault: http://www.freep.com/article/20110111/NEWS03/301120002/1319/Watch-police-video-of-13-year-old-boys-interrogation


Sorry, I know slightly off topic, but I do think this demonstrates the depravity of those we're going up against.

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