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Bay City Club

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The Tri City Compassion Club is still going but has changed a bit we are a group of caregivers that are continuing the Cannabis Cures Project were we provide Simpson oil to those in need of a cure for free at no cost We are a Small club dedicated to helping patients and promoting Medical use of Medical Marijuana such as PB Topical oil were are located in Thomas Twp in Saginaw County for more information you can contact John at 989 607-0384

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There is only one real club in Bay City and it hasn't been mentioned here yet that's for sure.


Dude im from midland...i go to bay city all the time. Drop the hate.... i got a card, a headache, a cpl bucks and some magical place ur all upset no body mentioned....including you. power move bro, power move. Why dont you just let us know what your talking about and ill decide for myself?

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So I just got back from club. It was ok. Not what I really expected but nice. They were in utter shock I was giving the cuttings away. Lol

I only took like 10, when I left there was like 5 left, only the CGs that were there really took them lol a few people came in but didn't want any. But I hope they find good homes..

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