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Cost Of Medical Marijuana To Michigan Tax Payers?

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First I will say I am all for Marijuana legalization. I am waiting for anxiety/depression/Add to be allowed.


I want to know how much will the state/counties spend of our tax money fighting legal medical marijuana. Money they spend on raids, bans, court fees, and money to be paid to people who will sue state and local government.

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Guest finallyfree09

it all depends on how much they cant stand to have to mind their own darn business. look at miss cooper in joakland county.... hardline prohibiotionist. the woman wouldn't listen to CRAP if it fell out of the sky and went directly into her ear.


i am surprised by the local environment here in osceola county. i have met 3 or 4 patients that were left alone once they were discovered by leo. but.... i have also met 3 or 4 DOZEN people that have qualifying postions ( HAHAHAHA!!! it was supposed to say conditions but i just got a new job and the word position is fresh in my mind. i will leave this up for a laugh though! :lol: ) but won't sign up because they think the county or state will crucify them.


how much will they spend???


a better question would be how much will WE spend fighting them off and who will win this ridiculous tug of war that was already settled in nov of '08?


the problem with our country isn't drugs or poverty or guns or ANYTHING LIKE THAT. the problem is that, for some odd reason, it has now become the "responsibility" of politicians and police to know EVERYTHING we do and our neighbors agree. everybody thinks they have a right to know what we all do in the privacy of our own homes.


it's time to bring back the old flag. "DON'T TREAD ON ME!"


anybody here that would be able to print up a bunch of those flags with a little leaf behind the snake? i'd fly one in my yard for sure.

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