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Michigan Medical Marijuana News: Regulations And Raids

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well that was a hell of a thread huh. =/


Makes me sad to see so many people that upset and are so quick to say were faking our ailments use phrases like "junkies" that's disgusting!!!!


BigBoss wrote on Jan 14, 2011 4:30 PM:


" Thanks itsmyright1, for shedding light on the supporters of this law. It's no secret that those who champion this law aren't really sick, they're just looking for a way to get high while "sticking it to the man"! The commercials and establishments that promote easy ways to get your medical license make this abundantly clear. Until we can prevent these degenerates from abusing the system, I think we need to stop selling dangerous drugs to people with serious conditions like "headaches" and "stubbed toes" and put those people who facilitate and partake in this abuse behind bars. "



I'm at a loss for words..................I wish this man would sit with all my doctors so they can explain how ignorant the statements he made are. =/



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"SageofthePage January 15, 2011 at 1:49PM

Pot, sold under the "medical" misnomer, is one of the greatest threats to Michigan's youth and the state's future prosperity.

If one is fighting the nausea effects of chemo, then prescription pills containing THC are available, right?

The only reason anyone smokes Pot is to get a buzz. That's the only reason.

Does Michigan seriously need any more unproductive pot-heads? The Arizona shooter was a heavy pot user. Pot is known to trigger psychosis in young men. That is fact, my friends.

Hmmm .... that also explains the reaction to reason by the stoners and pot-heads.

The Pot-pushers lied to and fooled the voters of Michigan on this issue.

Ban ALL Pot sales Now!"


I wish I could meet this man. I am a mother of 3, with MS, and without cannabis, I would not be able to walk most days. I don't smoke, I use mostly topical ointments with the occasional medible in a weak dosage to supplement. I do not catch a buzz. I am educated on the facts and I personally have made the choice to not poison myself any longer with man-made pain killers, that do not work.


He speaks about reason, yet, is a contradiction to himself. In his profile he states, "Speak up and never back down from the tyrannical forces leading the Nation into slavery. If you don't, then who will? Get clear on the issues and take the time to learn more about those who work tirelessly to destroy our country and individuality. Truth is beauty, but as one great philosopher said, beauty is not always pleasant to look upon." This is exactly what we are doing, NOT BACKING DOWN, NOT GIVING UP OUR INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM.


Just my opinion, but I wish this type of people could see themselves the way everyone else sees them...because then they may reconsider their comments and actions. I constantly tell my children to not speak about issues/things they do not know about, to not state things as facts if they are unable to produce the proof, and to NEVER open their mouth to speak without thinking about what they are about to say thoroughly first. If you don't open your mouth about things you have no knowledge of, you save yourself from looking like an idiot.


As I said, just my opinion, but I really wish more people would use plain ole common sense.


Sorry for the rant.

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Weird. I posted a comment on the web site under my "nom de plume" (amish4ganja)and they changed my name to "amish4ever". WTF is up with that? Honestly, the sublime censorship that occurs nowadays is jawdropping in it's nonchalance. Who do these people think they are? Wait, I know. They are the word police I read about in the novel "1984" in the seventh grade. I really am living in the science fiction world that authors postulated 50 years ago. Incredible!! I never thought I would see this in my lifetime, but here it is. I am living in the future I read about as a child. Give me some drugs! I want to go out and enjoy it while I can!

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