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Mt. Pleasant Compassion Club Meeting Jan. 20, 2011


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The Mt. Pleasant Compassion Club is meeting at 6:30pm at the Veterans Memorial Library located at 301 S. University Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858.


A parking lot is conveniently located behind the Library Annex on the corner of Franklin and Wisconsin streets. From this parking lot, you can enter the library through the Connector doors. Parking is also available on city streets nearby and in 2 hour time blocks at adjacent city parking lots. Should you park in the lot behind the Library Annex after you enter through the connector doors the meeting room is to the right through another set of doors, then immediately on the left. There are restrooms conveniently located just outside the meeting room. This space is much larger and should prove to be more comfortable for everyone.


Map & Directions


If you are a patient, caregiver, or anyone else that would like to know more about Michigan's Medical Marijuana Program, please attend. This meeting is open to the public. Must be 18 or be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


We will be showing a video about the Rick Simpson oil and also having another drawing for free, high quality medicine. The only requirement to enter the drawing is to be a cardholding patient with a valid card.


We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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Looks like ill have to miss this one.


Im in too much pain right now to give support. I really wanted to go and attend my first CC meeting. Next month for sure !


i really was hopin to win the meds too ! lol


Have a good time !


- Mike


I am so sorry you could not make it. This cold weather probably doesn't help you much either. :(

I look forward to have the opportunity to meet with you next month.


Take care and I hope you get to feeling better soon.

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This would be exactly the kind of situation our opponents could use to go after the CC's.




The medicine is not kept on site, but held at a safe off site location. I normally post that in the announcement, but I guess this time I missed it, sorry about that. It is absolutely free, no charge for a ticket, and it is only available to valid cardholding patients.


Not sure what the trouble with that would be. The Mt. Pleasant Compassion Club does not 'sell' medicine. It is considered a patient to patient donation/transfer.


Peace be with you

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