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Marquette Mi To Decide On Decriminalization In City!

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just got wind that the city of marquette MI ( da U.P.) is having a meeting on the 24th to talk about decriminalization of rec. use in the city and also to talk about what there going to do about the dispensarys (there's one working on opening soon)



here's a copy paste where i got it from, i will be attending this meeting even though i live a hour away :-) if they get the ball rolling i hope the rest of the UP goes along.





"On Monday, January 24th, the Marquette City Commission is holding a Special Meeting in Commission Chambers at the Marquette City Hall. The meeting begins at 6:00 pm.




At this meeting, the Commission is set to take up two important topics of discussion. The first is a proposal to decriminalize marijuana possession in the city of Marquette. The other is what to do, if anything, about Medical Marijuana Dispensaries within the city of Marquette.




There will be time for the public to address the Commissioners and make their opinion known. This is your opportunity to express your thoughts on the matter to the Commission. Their decisions that day can and will have a long-lasting effect on the medical marijuana community in the u.p.'s largest city.




Don't forget. Most of these elected officials don't understand medical marijuana. Most, if not all of them only know what they've been "told" about marijuana for the last 100 years. It's up to US to educate them and remind them that they've been elected to represent the people of Marquette.




On November 4th, 2008, nearly 63% of the city voters voted YES on Proposal 1. It's an overwhelming majority. They need to be reminded of this. We need to let them know that the city is not going to be overrun with crime, and that there are many positive benefits to medicinal marijuana use in the community.




Please come to the meeting. It's Monday, January 24th at 6:00 pm in Commission Chambers at the Marquette City Hall. (300 W. Baraga Ave.) across from St. Peter's Cathedral. These are the ONLY two issues the Commission will be working on, so let's pack the place and make our voices heard!"









we need chuck reams to come up and speak, man can he get a person fired up ;-) I'll keep ya's posted.

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WLUC tv6 link to story




MARQUETTE -- Legalizing medical marijuana has helped many Michigan residents cope with their illnesses. In the last eight months, the Marquette Medical Marihuana registration center has certified about 300 Marquette residents.


But the vagueness of the new law has posed some questions for cities like Marquette.


"We're trying to stay somewhat ahead of the curve and find out as a city how we want to deal with this," said Mayor John Kivela.


The first issue; who should be permitted to grow and distribute the cannabis? And where should their operations be located? There are currently no zoning laws in place.


"If we don't have zoning in place, could they locate one right next to the middle school? Yeah they probably could," said Kivela. "We need to address where and how you know, there's aspects of security."


"The relationship to schools, the relationship to children, where are they located, there are other things that happen. Crimes increase around dispensaries and historically, robberies," said Police Chief, Mike Angeli.


Another question brought by the new law; should marijuana possession be reduced from a criminal to a civil offense?


"A civil infraction would be much like a speeding ticket or to a degree of a parking ticket that you would pay the fine and be released, and it would not remain on your record," said Kivela.


Police are concerned that reducing the punishment for marijuana possession would simply encourage its use, but other officials argue that the current criminal punishment is too strong. Either way, officials plan to hash out these marijuana issues at a special meeting on Monday January 24th, at 6:00 pm in the commission chambers.

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heres the news story from today, i made it over there for the meeting. not sure whats gunna happen but we did have a packed room and a bunch of great speakers.



The coucil members were all (but one) very negative and they even said the only way to get meds is from caregiver. nothing about patient to patient.


they are gunna have more meeting's before they do somthing



My link


MARQUETTE -- The Marquette City Commission called a special meeting Monday night to address unanswered questions about the 2008 Medical Marijuana Act.


The issues; first, should cannabis dispensaries be allowed to set up shop within Marquette City limits? Secondly; the decriminalization of marijuana. Should marijuana possession be reduced from a criminal to a civil offense? Those issues have caused quite a stir not only in Marquette City, but in all of Marquette County. Residents from both the east and west ends piled into Monday night's meeting to give their two cents about municipal marijuana laws.


Everyone's got an opinion about marijuana, and the passing of the 2008 Michigan Medical Marijuana act provided an avenue of discussion for local opinions that were once quiet.


"The medical marijuana law is here, we cannot put it back in the box," said Brian Block, a Marquette City resident.


The city commission gave Marquette residents the podium and asked them how they felt about medical marijuana dispensaries potentially operating in their city, and there was much dispute. City officials expressed concerns of increased crime near dispensaries.


"I have a responsibility to this community to provide a certain level of safety which I need to take seriously," said Marquette Police Chief, Mike Angeli. "And often with a large number of marijuana providers, because of this law, directs towards a less regulated form of enterprise."


But some Marquette residents disagreed, saying that not having designated dispensaries is an even greater danger.


"The advantage of allowing a location for those cooperative caregivers and patients is again removing money, removing equipment or moving black market whatever, and separating medicine from drugs," said Marquette resident Jen Vajda.


The commission invited county chief assistant prosecutor, Matt Wiese and health educator, Sarah Derwin, to speak to the crowd as experts. They discussed dispensaries and the decriminalization of marijuana on a municipal level.


Some board members said a criminal record with marijuana can hold first time offenders back in life.


"Once it's on there it's very hard to get off your records," said Commissioner John DePetro.


The City Attorney, Ron Keefe, disagreed."


"I just don't find that as much of an argument to be honest with you," said Keefe.


And while there was much dispute, everyone seemed to agree; the medical marijuana act has a lot of grey areas that needs to be addressed.


No decisions were made Monday night, but Mayor John Kivela told TV 6 that the issues should be revisited within the next two months.

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here's the vid. from the meeting, it's 2 1/2 hours but if ya got the time and know our law watch this.





the council in marquette need's a schooling on the subject besides from the chief and from the chief p.a. and a substance abuse counciler!

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