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New Industry Of Educating Dispensaries

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Here's some highlights from an interesting article from Ariz about new industry opportunities per MM....for full article here's the link


"The demographic that we recognized, it's not the 21- to 28-year-olds," he said of future pot-business owners. "It's the 35- to 65-year-olds, the displaced professionals, the people that want to get into this industry in total and complete compliance with the state laws or jurisdiction that they live in."


"...Colorado Department of Higher Education, plans a two-day seminar..." "...For $295, students can learn about the politics and legal issues linked to marijuana, as well as how to grow the herb and put it in a snack form called edibles."


"...those who attend his classes as "flat-out entrepreneurs" who see the industry as more than cultivating and selling marijuana. For example, insurance brokers who sell medical-marijuana insurance, real-estate agents who lease or sell space and security people who provide security for dispensaries have attended the program..."


"...the most technologically advanced solution to get patients marijuana: a medical-dispensing system that looks similar to an ATM and could be run from a business office. It's called Medbox." "..."The best way to be compliant is take human error out of it," he said, adding that the machines offer video security and biometric scanning if necessary. They take cards so patients don't have to pay cash for medicine."


"We express to the student base it's a professional environment, that we have to be mindful of the neighbors, the communities that we live in, and to tailor your marketing in such a way that it's tasteful," Escamilla said. "It's an approach where you want to have a 42-year-old mother of two be able to come into your facility and use this as an alternative form of medicine."



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