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Lincoln Park Tickets


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I have won two tickets to lincoln park January 25th at Joe Loius Areana. The problem is that i might not be able to go. I am wondering what might people be willing to trade for these tickets. The seat number or location i do not know what they are and the tickets are being mailed to me from Z93 radio station and stated i should have them by thursday. Hey just curious what the offers might be and i migth still be able to talk the older lady in lettign me go to this concert!!

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Thank you for the offer Royal Smoke.1st bid of the day. Cool Sweet. I think i should set a time frame or cut off day for the time to make my descion and still be able to get the tickets to the right person if i chose to give them away or not. So the day will be friday the 21st of January. So keep the bids coming in. All offers will be considered and i appreciatte all offers.

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(sorry i couldn't resist LOL)



no worries

i know i am a freak about them

they have such amazing harmonic balance for a rock band

and it doesn't hurt they know lyrics

but tease away my friend

my shoulders are broad...i can carry the load...especially when it comes to my current favorite band catagory...

i can't help which bands provoke a groove spontainiously...

it just happens...

i know you are only responding with a couldn't resist disclaimer because you must have felt very much like me.....


only more so...


so sorry my friend you are correct....



i will remove the arguably part as soon as i can....


they are the best band


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:rock: I do not know who is opening for them?



me either sam the clam

i saw they were coming to mi...i was kinda sorta bummed i couldnt afford the $70 per ticket price along with 3 hr travel and planning issues...

but them guys really do speak to me...

i feel kind of inspired to find a music thread and let loose the POWER OF ROCK AND ROLL !

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