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Electric Bill Need Help Figuring Out ?


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I started using my new setup its a nice closet set up. im wanting to know a estimate on my bill. heres my equipment


1x Lumatek Ballast - 5.5Amps input of 655- 675W


1x active air flow fan. 4" 165cfm 0.92 amps


one old oscolating 12" fan on low


20" fan on low << just basic fans


and a vicks humidifier the first month i ran my mh bulb for 24 hours now its at 18/6 with hps

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consumers has a website...up here

but you could just go outside to your meter. record the digits on the meter (the 5 or so dials) then go back in a day. record the new numbers then subtract. that will tell you your Kw per day..then just multiply that number by the days in the month then look at your past electric bill to see $per kw...

i checked mine a few days ago....$250 -$275 i figure and sure as the sun is burning in the sky...it came and it's $274...it becomes pretty easy to monitor if you want too. at least that way theres no surprises.

i check mine every couple weeks...just for fun now....

i know what to expect....these days...

but whenever i add things or change things i can figure my cost pretty close just because i practice.

good luck...

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Thanks " mibrains "


Good Ideal .... :thumbsu:


I'm still struggling to get a more accurate electric bill .....


It's Killing me .... My last Electric Bill was $504


OUCH! With a bunch of 400's? That doesn't sound right bro....


I know someone who runs 4 1000's in flower and 3 1000's in veg and a few 400's on top plus fans, etc. and his is 600 a month.

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