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Michigan State Medical Society - Your Medicine And You

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So, just what does the MSMS have to say about CANNABIS, or even have to do with, the MMMA, or the MDCH, much less OURSELVES?


Read on:




I posted the relative legislation pertaining to this activity way back when; However, as much as I can find, so far, this still appears to be the latest "update" (at least, publically speaking) on the web site of the MSMS, regarding "actions to be taken," relative to y/our rights, and the perceptions of the bureaucratic entities of the MDCH and the MSMS, pertaining to the MMMA.


It is interesting to note a number of curious facts about such significant meetings as these, particularly this:


"No officials from State Police were at the meeting, but Rep. Vincent Gregory (D-Southfield) asked that they appear at a future hearing to discuss the memo."


(Hmm ... wonder what happened there, eh?)


And, then, there's this statement that really doesn't feel right to me - AT ALL!:


"Meanwhile, the state will issue a report at the end of April showing the breakdown of where physicians are certifying the need for a person to receive a medical marijuana card. The report will not have specific names, but will just show where the physicians are located by county."


I just HAVE TO KNOW, if it does exist, - WHERE IS THAT REPORT?!


And, we should also ask:




(if said report does, somewhere, exist)


In the meantime, there's this:





Be Informed.



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Exerpt from second link shows the Goverment recognizes Millions may qualify in Michigan for Cannabis under severe chronic pain . We have to ask why so few apply ...obviously its lack of education along with protections for the individual freedoms of participants . What will Rick Snyder do for the suffering in need of at least a Cannabis trial seeking relief ?




The Importance of Pain Management


Pain is a universal problem that affects millions of people regardless of social, economic and cultural considerations. A 2009 estimate by the American Academy of Pain Medicine indicates that over 76 million Americans suffer from serious chronic and/or acute pain each year. This translates to an estimated 2.5 million Michigan citizens with serious pain. In a 1997 survey of Michigan residents sponsored by the Pain Education Fund at Chelsea Community Hospital, one in five Michigan adults reported experiencing some form of chronic pain, and 40% of people with chronic pain say that pain affects their ability to live a normal life.

In spite of the ongoing work of the committee to remove policy barriers to effective pain management by the Michigan Legislature and state licensing boards (Appendix C),

Michigan studies and surveys continue to show that pain remains largely untreated or undertreated (Appendix B)



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