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Spring March

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I've been reading posts about the march on Lansing planned for this spring, but haven't found anything explaining what it's all about. I want to do what I can to support the mmj community and our law, so I would like to know the details of what this march is hoping to accomplish. Thanks in advance to anyone who will enlighten me!

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may day

may day

may day



ok, so maybe i am a bit fired up.....a minute or two early....



i would be happy to sponser a sign production workshop up here at our Northeast Michigan Medical Marijuhana Compassion Club !

markers, paint, and glue!

look out duct tape isles the sick and needy are comin 2 u LOL



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Thank you my friend. We will win this fight. We are right. This is still our country. thanks, joe



no no thank you...

and your welcome :rolleyes:


we can win, we are winning, we have already become winners!


the others just dont see it yet,,but they will...





c u all there

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YUP we gotta do something to hold onto what WE VOTED FOR, once they mess with it, it'll be harder. Greed once again is destroying lives. Our planet is in peril because of greed. There are many enlightened people working to change that, to bring more love into the world, the earth is changing, fighting for her life, and so are we. The big picture is this, the war we fight is one battle of a much bigger war of greed against Compassion. The greedy don't play fair, they think they have the advantage. Don't wait till it's too late. We must find as many compassionate supporters as possible, remember there are many who voted for our law, though they're not part of our community. Where are they? They think everything's ok because they voted for a law of compassion. The word is spreading about what's going on, despite protections, privacy, etc., that our law has built into its framework. I hope they're writing letters and making calls, too. Not only do we need to gather the troops, we need to keep getting the word out on the continuous injustices we face, and show them our victories; those who are silent are NOT consenting, they have their reasons for their silence, and may be working quietly for the cause. Many people are working very hard for us, though they have their own lives to live. Most people work, have families and their own health to deal with, yet they come here, only asking for us to unite and work together to keep what we have. In every group there's conflicts but we have a much bigger problem than those issues we bicker over. Our opponents are well organized and plan ahead. We can learn from them on that part. The outcome for us all depends on it. I had hoped it wouldn't be this bad, I saw it slipping away in the late summer and fall. People in high places are abusing their power again. Whatever happens, I know I did my best- I hope everyone here will be able to say the same thing, too. Many months ago I warned everyone to be realistic and have a plan in case the worst happened. If anyone listened, I may never know. I may be one voice, but my Intuition is strong and it knows things I don't. Still I refused to believe it could be THIS BAD. Well, reality sure has away of biting us hard. Keep focused on pt's and cg's; the right to grow, use, and transfer MM. It's a simple message. The greedy disp. people screwed us, got the dollar signs in govt's eyes, too. The good disp. people are hurting, I feel bad for them, BUT I WISH none of them had tried pushing the law with that. They couldn't wait. The CC's are a great idea, they could help the visiting pt's, too. I shall forever blame dispensaries and greedy people for a lot of the mess we're in. Greed has hit some cg's and pt's too. I've seen enough of their stories to know they took advantage of the law. It's the rotten apples that are spoiling the whole bunch. People pushing for outright legalization are hurting us, too. I understand the reasoning behind all these ideas but as I said before NOW is NOT the time. People don't appreciate what they have, they always want more. We know who will be hurt the most. They didn't know when they had it good. Now the CC's are in trouble. Sometimes I wanna leave this site because I'm so tired of saying the same darn things and seeing a lot of similar messages being repeated to the point of annoyance, but what else can we do? One of the reasons I left is because of how disorganized we are. The reason I stay is because we have made some progress. Remember how good it felt when enough organized and we had some victories?




Sincerely, Sb

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