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Planet Greentrees For January 19Th , 2011 Webisode Number 25

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webisode number 25





We are going to Rock it for 2 hours tonight.


Please join us tonight for a very Special Episode of Planet GreenTrees.


It is our intent to provide a safe comfortable environment for the medical marihuana community to discuss the on going complex issues that are influencing our community.


Tonight in the studio we will have Special Guests

Bob Redden (hero and champion)

Neil Yashisnky Oakland County Norml

Threats also of Brad Forester (one of the Founding Fatherr) appearing.

In the studio: Live Music from Andy Johnson and Pedal Shop.



Also we have the usual panel of community entertainment.


Chad fromm the Birmingham Compassion Club


Jay Benner

Dr. Theo


Brian the Doorman


There is always so much to talk about, and we plan to try to cover as much of it as we can. If you have a question please post it on this forum or in the chat room or call in. We believe this is the community’s show, and we need your participation in order to make it work.



Please join us tonight for an intelligent conversation of everything that is Medical Marihuana




Michael A. Komorn

Attorney and Counselor

Law Office of Michael A. Komorn

3000 Town Center, Suite, 1800

Southfield, MI 48075

800-656-3557 (Toll Free)

248-351-2200 (Office)

248-357-2550 (Phone)

248-351-2211 (Fax)

Email: michael@komornlaw.com

Website: www.komornlaw.com

Check out our Radio show:


NEW CALL IN NUMBER: (347) 326-9626

Live Every Wednesday 8-9:30 p.m.


w/ Attorney Michael Komorn


The most relevant radio talk show for the Michigan Medical Marijuana Community. PERIOD.

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I plan to listen, and find the chat room. If I saw it I didn't recognize any of the names in there last week so I thought I was in the wrong place. I wish Michael could upgrade the service so he could get a toll-free number. I peeked at the terms and prices, was considering having a show but I have issues with their terms and privacy policy. It'll be hard finding a place that doesn't have the same or similar terms. After reading several of these "agreements" through the years, I noticed how similar they are.


Last week's show was good as usual. If I could, I'd visit them and bring my guitar.



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