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D.i.y. Bean Box / Clone Box

Royal Smoke

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Mods, can you please move this to Tutorials


D.I.Y. Bean Box / Clone Box


I put this "Bean Box" / "Clone Box" together this evening and I wanted to share it.


I was looking for a solution to the little problem I was having.


When you have seeds, you know you've got to keep a watchful eye on them to make sure the rockwool hasn't dried out. If, by chance, I'm not able to make it to the grow room for a full day, those seeds are pretty much done with. The rockwool dries and your done.


I'm always sitting at my computer, so I decided I would build a "Bean Box" I could just slide right under my desk. That way my babies are always right there at my feet, so I can check them and give them water if needed.





(1) 21 inch T5 light $15


(1) 18 gallon Tote $ 8


(1) A piece of mylar or an emergency blanket $3- $5


(2) Small nuts and bolts $1

Under $30





Okay.....this is pretty easy.....


On the T5 light that I bought (link above) there are 2 little brackets that are screwed in somewhere and the light snaps right in.


Just screw your bolts and brackets about 2 ft. apart on the underside of the tote lid.






And now, snap the light into the brackets....







Alright, now line your tote with mylar or an emergency blanket....





Now take the protective plastic off of the T5 light:








Now put your seeds or cuttings in rockwool and put them in your "Bean Box"





The best part about the box is that it fits right underneath my desk by my feet and I can remember to keep an eye on it and water them as needed.







I am probably going to put a little exhaust fan in there too. I'm thinking perhaps a computer fan or two. I'll have to see what I can find. I'll update this tutorial if and when I do add the fan.

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