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Problems With Caregiver Couple

Guest Medicinal Patient

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Guest Medicinal Patient

Heyy All,

Been a long while since I last posted. Not been doin too well. Its hard for me to reach out for help no matter what its for, but

I am getting no results as a result. I am seeking some compassionate help, guidance, and advice on how to proceed.


Heres my story...

I haven't had the best of luck with caregivers. My as of an hr ago former cg has basically shyt on me the last 5 plus months.

I made a bad decision leaving the last cg who I still owe for the state fee for and feel unbelievably horrible about that that I can't repay him just yet.


Now, I come to the 3MA for some help. I am in dire need for meds and it looks like a new cg in the Grand Rapids/Kentwood area. About 7minutes south of Dr Dave Crockers Grand Rapids Office. The cg I just had I have actually never met. Strange huh? I was taken to see this guy with family who was a pt of his and the guy had just filled all his slots before our meeting at mcdonalds that day and said his gf was going to take care of 5 pts as well, to up his plant count and that he would be doing all the gardening.


I said fine no prob and I talked to his gf on his phone for under 1 minute and home I went. He did send me with an oz that day. However, he had handed the meds to someone else to give to me leaving me shorted a quarter. Before I even weighed it out I expressed at that meeting I want my meds directly handed to me. I reminded him of this in a email a few days later and gave strict simple instructions not to hand my meds to the same person again. So a month later and what does he do, he hands the meds to the same person who takes them home with him and goes thru the strains and takes what he wants and shorts me a quarter again. And complains to the cg my meds are better than what he was given by the cg and he was upset and jealous the cg says. When I was made aware my meds were handed to someone else again I was livid and the cg apologized. I should say the cg boyfriend. I have only spoken to the actual cg that 1x on the phone. No other form of contact. I told him I don't want the same meds he gave to the other pt and he basically said tough.


He still counts that he gave me an oz in aug and in sept but in reality I was shorted a half o. I was furious. I should have listened to my instincts and dropped this guy right then and there. But I didn't. Oct rolls around and I email for meds and he says no more meds till card in hand. I say oh phaq. I begged and pleaded with him about my medical conditions to no avail. I for some asinine reason thought because his meds are good that it would be worth the wait.


You see, like I told him, I am not looking for a quick fix, but rather a long term solution to my many med problems. I decided to remain loyal. I should have had my card by sept but a cg sat on it for over a month and another forgot to send in the attestation form and I got denied delaying me another minimum 21 days to get legal. That wasted 5 more weeks of my time. And this cg sent the paper work out to the wrong place he says and it took 2 more weeks or possibly more to send it out properly. He would never tell me when the check was cashed even tho I asked.


So needless to say I didn't get my card until xmas eve. I always invisioned I would have meds and breathe a sigh of relief and say "finally" when my card came. I let the cg know I got my card and he says I have to wait another month for the meds to cure properly. I am sick, and I am tired. He is screwin me over here. In over 5 months I don't have this dudes phone number or my actual cg number or anything other than the po box on the card and other than his email addy. Email has been our sole communication since I met him for 5 minutes at mcdonalds. I have heard stories about this dudes operation and a few regs here work with him. People were breaking this law the day I met him. I shoulda left then.


So last week I requested meds and he said he was working on a trade with someone and would mail them to me because his weren't finished curing for another month. So yesterday I send him an email stating ups hasn't delivered me anything yet. He replies he gave his meds to someone else to hold on to while they are in the curing process and he says that person is playing hard to get with his meds. Yeah right. So I say fine and request him to please send money to cover meds. I signed with them in Aug. He started growing right away. He runs an operation taking care or in my case scamming 10 patients and he himself is a patient. Thats alot of plants and for 4 months he says he has none. I know thats not true. I have proof of that. He replies last night asking if I am trying to blackmail him and that maybe he was too generous in the 1.5 meds he has already gave. He says by his standards because the card wasn't in hand until late Dec and that the process from start to finish with meds takes 4 months and that he already gave me 2 oz and that technically he doesn't owe me any meds until July. He says he was being generous giving meds from his personal stash and that I am ungrateful.


I signed with this dude I think on Aug 20th or 21st or his gf who isn't even around btw. He wants me to only have 1.5oz in 11 months. Real talk, am I wrong for being furious for being strung along for so long suffering at the hands of this lil punk or is he right in all of this? Am I just being greedy here? Seriously? The couple of whom I speak of is more than welcome to respond here. I have our complete dialogue in emails so there is proof this is how things went down and there is no misunderstandings. The very day we met he agreed verbally to 1oz free per month. I have the email in sept him saying see you in a few weeks for oct meds. Then he abruptly stops supplying me and tells me luckily for me I can thank the Family member who introduced us for telling me lies and that the family member knew it wasn't an oz per month from the jump. The dudes delusional. He just wants me to fight with Family. Then he says he doesn't feel safe growing until card in hand and I understood that with all the bs with leo and I decided to ride it out and remain loyal. Only to be completely railroaded by this young couple. What would you do if this happened to you?


I literally begged this dude for meds and told him I continually have been having slipped disks in my back and stomach and right side pains that have kept me right down in bed for well over 2months. I let him know I been in the hospital 2x and that I was also locked in a psych hospital. This dudes actions helped fuel stuff in me I didn't know I had and it sent me on a downward spiral. Being fairly new to MED mj and the wonderful benefits it had for my many ailments finally gave me hope in this world. Then to have it abruptly taken away and back to the unbearable suffering seemed too much to deal with. He knew this yet still refused to even give me a dam gram.


I been so sick and stressed and its not easy for me to just get another cg. Until now. Now I am mad as helll and in dire need of a change in my life. Even having numerous drs say I need my medicaid reinstated and being hospitalized I just received a denial letter late Friday. How is this possible? Seems I have to do something drastic. I have zero income not even a penny to my name to pay for meds or anything. At this rate I can expect to have none anytime soon, if ever. The 3MA Family is my last resort for help.


I have seeked out help for all my problems and basically I keep getting doors slammed in my face at every turn by these hospitals and agencies. When its all said and done I and they know I tried and to helll with em for denying me any type of medical benefits. My name is now mudd in the medical community as being a drug addict. Thats as a result of losing any rights I had temporarily and my private life revealed to these people against my wishes. I could go on but I will spare ya more details. Sorry for making this post so long.


I give my word I am not just cg shopping and signing with multiple cg. I can pass a drug screen. I haven't had a drop of meds in in a few days it will be 4 months now. I have my card and paperwork and am willing to show med papers showing the places I been and proof of my situation with this current cg. Right now I truly need some compassion and I believe I am in the right place. I have been receiving priceless support and compassion by an Amazing Person behind the scenes here that I met here. Shes been there when no one else has been. Thank YOU!


With such great support behind the scenes I finally feel able to go public to you all with my story.

I am struggling to just walk away from this current mess I have been dragged thru. Seeking vengeance isn't very healthy but with some advice and guidance I am hoping will help me make the best decisions. I am at a loss here. I don't want to ever hear of anyone else being taken advantage of by this college couple like I was. Where do I go from here? Can/should anything be done about this?


Thanks for taking the time to read. Any and all help is very very much appreciated.

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That couple is setting a bad example for us all and it hurts the whole community. I hope someone steps forward soon to help you. No one should have to suffer this way, especially when someone is loyal. People who scam that way usually tangle with the wrong person at some point, who is strong enough to fight back. The best thing you can do is find someone else and forget those people. You'll listen to your Intuition from now on, right? I can help you with that.


Sincerely, Sb

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WOW!! What a loser :devil: Unfortunatley there are pathetic people out there. I live by South Haven... And I don't like to see people forced into taking western medicine, it's devised to keep you sick.... Not make you naturally healthier. The science of technology is best suited to explain the answers of why, not create artificial existence. We are weakining our DNA and immune systems by being subjected to the chemicals and virus's they guinea pig us with. Give me a PM and I WILL see what I can do to help you out with. If I don't hear back GOOD LUCK!! I feel there should be a blacklist that people could refer to so they could save themselves the screwin I always read about. :notfair:

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If things happened in the way you say they did, then the time you took to put together your post is about as much time as it would take posting a "CG wanted" ad and fielding some emails to find a new CG who can meet your needs.


Go to the "Services" forum. Post the following:


"I am a patient living in _________ (location) with ______________ qualifying condition. I need _______ oz per month and can afford to compensate a CG for services (Choose one: hardly at all, generally average, above average).


I need meds immediatly - not in 4 months - not in 21 days. Before the ink dries on the Change Form."


If you have half-good judgement of character, you'll find a good CG within 48 hours. Sure there are a lot of loons out there looking for another 12 plants, by more often than not, they stick out like a sore thumb. If you are not a good judge of character, ask a friend to help you sort through your options. It isn't said enough that most of the CGs who are active on this forum are good people....not to say that all would be a good match...

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Guest Medicinal Patient

Hey Everyone,

Got an update since my last post. First I want to truly truly thank everyone for their support, understanding, and compassion. I had all but given up hope on this program. After hearing from a cg who also is a pt that he uses solely for his spiritual journey and another cg in financial need as his only reasoning for taking on pts. It came across as they didn't have a real sense of what severe pain and sickness was and couldn't relate.


Well, today my faith in this program and what it was intended for was restored in me thanks to my new cg!!

Right from the jump I knew he was different than all the rest I have met with. He showed compassion and could relate to living in constant pain. And has a true grasp on what this program is all about. I was gifted meds today even to my surprise. He shared HIS meds for ME. Really? Is it a dream? To me that is foreign since this journey began for me back in June when I got certified. I have hope for the first time today in a long long time.


This is no dream folks! This is my new reality!! YEAH! I got a very easy goin, knowledgeable, trustworthy cg. I got good vibes from the get go and felt comfortable with him. In my experiences with talking to a dozen potential cg and the 3 I signed with before today makes today surreal! I had to contain my excitement. The sigh of relief and the stress relieved today by you my new cg is truly a blessing and I forever thank you. All the stress I been thru was making me sicker.


Today is officially the beginning of a new and improved life for me folks! I am forever grateful and thankful he was brought into my life. I am about to enjoy some meds for the first time since the beginning of oct! What you did for me today by taking me as a patient and sharing your meds truly means the world to me. Im so serious Man, this is life changing for me. I am truly truly blessed that you came into my life when you did. I would gladly go thru all the struggles again with caregivers to end up in such a good place with an awesome cg like I have today.


You may step fwd if you feel comfortable doing so cg. He is the real deal people and even if he doesn't need more pts it should be said that this Man is the real deal in our community. The good work he does for sick people like me and our community should be commended. Without hesitation, he is definitely a trusted member of our community. Thank you cg for your compassion and to everyone here at the 3MA for your compassion.



In closing, I would have never met this great compassionate Man today if it wasn't for the 3MA. This is where dreams really do come true and positive changes happen. Thank You 3MA for providing us this safe place to network and meet great people and for all the members keeping us informed. I hope to meet you all at a future 3MA gathering. In the mean time, its med time! I have a feeling I am going to sleep real good for the first time in months tonight! :thumbsu:


I appreciate you all so much.

Thank You 3MA Family

Peace and Blessings to you ALL




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relax knott, the poster isnt the loser, Amber is saying the cg is, lol


put the guns away :)


:sword: :sword: :sword:





I was looking for mine too! but i couldnt figure out what he ment! darn no target practice today? :sword:



My advise to any one just getting legal, dont give no one possesion of your plants! keep possesion yourself, even if you dont plan to grow, we still have p2p we can do, untill you find some one you are comfortable with! I signed a c.g right away, and im not a newbie to weed, I got screwed for a while, but im stronger then the scamming c.g so I got mine back 2 or 4 fold like hed like to say! either way it didnt do him any good to mess with me, cause in the end it cost him and not me!


Why would you let c.g take the forms and mail them? and write the check? only a pt can appoint a c.g, they work for you, you dont work for them, so get a change c.g form and fill it out imediatly, and take possesion of your own plants, dont contact them any more, let them get caught over their limit when you fire them!


Im sorry for your problems, but they seem to be all self induced when it comes to c.g problems, and only you can fix it, so today you should be sending in a change of c.g form no excuses!






see im glad you listened to my advise! and I wish i would have read this thread thru before i replied!

Im glad you found some one to me your needs!

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