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Vintage Snow Mobiles & Hot Rod Sleds

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We didn't have a cell phone so no pictures (but you tube did sorta) but at Tim Horton's on Gratiot in Clinton Twp we pulled in after the better half said to..I mean pointed out the classic snowmobiles to me. These machines were from the late forties to early seventies and some were down right scary looking to ride the way the engine was positioned up close to your back.


we had no idea how popular restoring vintage snowmobiles is as a hobby and a niche business. Some models restored can cost as much or more as a new high end snowmobile, $ 15,000.00 +


Really interesting I know the kids got a kick out seeing the differences in techknology between older and new sleds and the clothing to huge strides made in keeping people warm.


These videos from you tube are close to a couple of the machines that were there we just wanted to share this





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