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Should Med Marijuana Patients Be Allowed To Carry Guns?

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Should Med Marijuana Patients be Allowed to Carry Guns?

Opinion by Marijuana Policy Project

(14 Hours Ago) in Society / Drug Law

Two cases involving medical marijuana patients have reached the supreme courts of their respective states, and their results could have far-reaching implications for medical marijuana in the future.

In Washington, the state Supreme Court announced it will hear the appeal of a woman who was fired from her job at a telephone call center for testing positive for marijuana on a workplace drug test, despite being a registered medical marijuana patient. While the medical marijuana law in Washington does not protect patients using marijuana in the workplace, the patient had never used her medicine while on the job, and did not work in a role where residual intoxication could prove dangerous to others. Her employer terminated her for using a medicine that she was legally allowed to use in her own home.

It is not known whether this company, Teletech, has fired employees for testing positive for other controlled substances that they have been using legally on the advice of a physician. My guess is they have not.

The final ruling in this case will clarify the rights of employers and employees in medical marijuana states and will no doubt influence the language of future bills, as will the case of Joseph Casias, a Michigan medical marijuana patient who was fired under similar circumstances.

And on March 3, the Oregon Supreme Court will tackle the case of Cynthia Willis, a medical marijuana patient and long-time holder of a concealed-carry handgun permit. Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters denied Willis’ permit renewal after he learned that she was a patient, citing conflict with federal law barring drug users from possessing firearms.

So far, the lower courts have sided with Ms. Willis. Let’s hope the highest court in the state does, too. People should never be denied their constitutional rights simply because they are sick.


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How can they do this?


I got disabled in an auto accident in may of 1998 Im a ccw holder, always have been, They dont mention anything about me not carrying my weapon while im on oxy's morphine pills, vicodens, xanax, and kalonapinn! but when I have a card to use weed im a danger now! wow .. I knew better than to carry my weapon when I was on some realy strong narcotics! no one had to tell me that, My head was not clear than, I was being controled by my d.r and the meds they had me on,,now im controling myself, with my own pain and anxiety meds of my choosing, hmmm. I dont swett if i havent done my dose every 6 hrs, I dont uaualy feel depressed or realy want to hurt any one when im on weed! so I guess they would rather we carry our weapons when we are drug crazed like the street junkie! (sorry street junkie, I feel for all of you, been there! you can get better) and dont realy have much control over our moods!


unfortunatly, Ive resigned my self to just let the law go thru its usual (unfair) growing pains, and hopefuly everything will level out, so that the pt's and Growers and L.E will all be on the same page, If im using anything mind altering and driving a motor vehicle, I deserve to be punished, whether im using mm, or methadone, or alcohol! all good, if i do something ilegal my bad and my problem!


I would realy love to see the day real soon, where I can grow some plants, indoors or outdoors Just for myself, never over the limit! and feel safe and not have to every worry, no matter what! I have had neighbors call the police on me in the past (not here) for loud music, and there was alot of drinking, but had no problems, just turned down or off the music, and all was good! (in todays world leo would most def see my locked door and want to view my GR and there goes everything!


The law has got to get better, for those who it was voted for, by the people, for the people that need it!

I will always have my weapons! legaly or illegaly, I guess that is going to be upto those, Who think they can change the laws!


Every one join the NRA whether you agree with them or not!





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federal law trumps state law. the federal nazi's can confiscate (rob) firearms owners possessions with impunity. they know who signs their paychecks. they will do the bidding of their masters. god help any law abiding citizens who get in their way. they'll crush you like a cockroach. welcome to Police State Amerika!

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How can the gun board find out you have a mm card? I have a CPL but hadn't carried in a long time then the serial rapist hit the streets and I took a cannon to Kroger's. I wasn't going to renew my CPL but I changed my mind real quick, I don't carry any marijuana when I am concealing the weapon.

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we just have to be smart if you are using mmj dont carry your gun. the law is the law if you are intoxicated you should have it locked up. if your not intoxicated then by all means carry just dont get caught with your pistol on you as well as your mmj because you know as well as i do that the dirty crooked LEO's and yes they are all crooked. they will use that against you and say that you are protecting you drugs with that gun. they will not say your medication they will say drugs. at this point its a whole new ball game because this will bring you over that fine line that seperates federal law from state law. I am only stating my opinion all i can say be smart and watch what you do and never trust a COP!!!!

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Double ditto! I've had a CCW permit longer than I've been a patient. I think they need to worry about all the ones dependant on prescription drugs more than us. There are more people addicted to prescription drugs pushed by their doctors than the media reports.



Dizl you hit the nail on head. I have my permit and have carried under the daily influence of Oxycontin 60 mg/ 3 per day, plus norco, cymbalta, elavil, ambien and a slew of other drugs daily. Do you really think that smoking a joint (or hitting the vap which is my prefered method) would make me much worse that having consumed a handful of my other meds? Come on now. It can't be so. I am an adult. If something that is prescribed for me hits me a bit to hard I am adult enough to simply leave the piece at home or find another carrier if that is very important.


Being able to take my meds should not be looked at unless they plan on looking at a lot of other prescriptive drugs as well.


This is similar to the law that they want to go by that says you can't grow or caregive if you have a felony conviction. Does not have had to be a drug felony conviction and doesn't matter how old it is. At what point do we consider that we have rehabilitated people? How long must these folks pay for? If you want to us stuff like that then make it relevant please. A felony that occurred within the last 10 years and had something to do with drug laws;









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Fine work in court yesterday sir. Liked how you stood up to the judge. Thought you might go to jail. Thought they call mistrial. But guess thats why your the Attorney and im not. God she was mad LOL


Nice work under pressure



Ummm a lil insight into what the hell you are talking about?

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