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Compassion Club Sanctioning Process

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I am Pleased to announce that we are forming a new compassion club in the western U.P., we are seeking information on how to be sanctioned by the MMMA. any help appreciated...BOBTHEGREENBUILDER@YAHOO.COM, 906-827-3028...TKS. The M-28 Compassion Club will be located in Ontonogan County and hold meetings in varied locations on the M-28 corridor.

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Hello and welcome Bob,


I'm in the Straits area and would be happy to connect you with many northern Michigan and U.P. resources including how to best organize your group. There are organizational documents on this site, but the landscape has changed considerably since those were drafted (I was a drafter of many of those documents).


Call me this weekend at 231-818-1899 (I'm out of town right now) and we can maybe get you to come visit us in Cheboygan and see how our facility is setup and how we service patients and caregivers.



Northern Michigan Compassion Club

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hello bob


yuppie this is ok on the bumping issue you do not need to bump it as when others respond that will put it back on the main new content page... thats why you dont keep bumping it all the time and are not allowed to bump but once a month this way its fair to the other clubs and yours... as people look for clubs in your area they will respond to it and thru your club email... good luck with the venture and the club may you have a lot of people that will help you and spreading the info and news... do read thru the forums and you will find things that will help and what other groups are doing this may give you ideas that you have not though of yet...



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