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Top 10 Ways To Manifest A Miserable And Lonely Life:

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A friend of mine wrote this article. He sure speaks the truth. He's got a website that's free to join if anybody's interested....


TOP 10 Ways to Manifest a Miserable and Lonely Life: (full article coming soon...)






1. On any given day, try to focus on everything that's wrong in this moment, complain often, and catastrophize every future moment that may come your way.


2. As much as possible, identify ALL your "I am" statements with negative, self-defeating, and broken labels, like "I am worthless" or "I am a failure."


3. Note to the wise: Please avoid all human emotions like the plague. If possible, try to self-medicate with alcohol and drugs so as to check out from life.


4. Diligently work yourself to the bone every day without a break, and then ignore all signs that you may need to slow down or change gears.


5. Make sure to believe EVERY thought that arises in your mind without question; I mean, what could possibly go wrong?


6. As a general rule, never let people know you on a deeper level. Try to keep conversations steered towards the weather, sports, and what's happening in the news. This way, we can stay invisible, and keep alive the belief that no one gives a bunny muffin.


7. Live only in your comfort zones, and never do anything that involves risk or makes you uncomfortable, especially trying new things.


8. Continue to settle for a "just okay" life. Don't learn anything new, don't increase your skill set, and no matter what, never let thoughts in that say "I deserve better than this."


9. Avoid all exercise and continue to indulge in eating whatever you want whenever you want. In fact, if you can try to eat nothing but fatty and super processed foods while sitting on the couch all day. I hear this makes you feel really good about yourself.


10. Most importantly, if you REALLY want to be stuck in life, let your ego run a muck, and never ask for any kind of help. Especially the kinds that address #1-9.


Thanks for reading. Want to contribute any of your own? ;)






Full article to appear on:





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