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Genetically Modified Foods Endangering Your Life?‏

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Veteranstoday.com has some very enlightening articles about genetic engeneering and government control of our world's food sources and markets.




Monsanto has a monopoly on the world’s genetically modified crops, owning and controlling approximately 90% of all the GMOs. This poses a huge problem.







So, who do you suppose it is that "owns" the genetic "Grow-Rights" to the "hybrid strain" of "Medicinal Grade" Cannabis that you're currently cultivating for herbal remedies of your chronic health maladies?


Shutter to think.


Here's another thought-provoking story:







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it's simple the uk banned genetically modified foods five years ago... why??? they pay for health insurance...people got sick and they paid for it... go back to the late 90's early 2000 when we really started the push of genetically modified foods, we had a HUGE health issue increase at the exact same time those foods became the large norm..... but truthfully the vast majority of people are so stupid that they believe anything placed on the news or tv.... so if someone puts a commercial on tv that says high fructose corn syrup is safe they believe it and keep using it... same with everything else we put in our bodies.. if it's sold we assume it's approved and safe when it's not. American stupidity at it's best.

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