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Any advice on pruning i am starting week 2 of flower and man i have some little bushes, last grow i didnt care for the lil buds at the bottom although i am using a 1000w instead of a 400 w this grow so i know the lumens are reaching farther through the canopy any suggestions i cant upload cause my pics are too big....so here http://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?p=4169075#post4169075

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final pruning BG style:


i have been asked how i get my "trees" so uppity and top-heavy........... and how i keep the riff-raff lower buds/shrubbery away.


here we go:


this plant is a hybrid. about 70/30-65/35 indica dominant. she grows tall, but grows HUGE/dense buds as well. when i flipped the lights to 12/12 on her, she was about 19-20" tall. that was on 9-17. like 10 days ago. she is standing about 32" now. the stretch has been on, but there is still a bit more before we are done.


this is a PERFECT time to do a "final pruning" on your trees.


here she is:





ok, looking a little shabby along the bottom. i have not taken any clones from this plant. this plant is in a system with a bunch of others..... therefore, it can kind of get forgotten about from time to time as far as cleaning goes. anything that has come off the bottom up to this point was totally dead, brown, and actually fell off on its own.


this will be the first time that i am really getting in with some clean scissors and doing some damage.


i took the bottom 4-5 branches off. at this point in life, its pretty easy to tell what branches have grown/strectched up far enough to produce anything. all others must go. i also stripped the remaining branches of any old fan leaves or new shoots. there is just no sense in your plant wasting time/energy making growth way down here. this "scrub" is not taking in light..... therefore its not helping.


here's some after pics:




and here is what was actually taken off the plant. its quite a bit..................





from this point, until harvest day, the only leaves that i will be plucking will be more than 50% dead and already dying.


before and after:



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