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Medical Marijuana Capsules

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The link provided is a great way to make the caps.


Just know.......you do NOT have to use oil.


You can make dry caps, but you do have to heat the MM prior to putting into the caps.


Usually 10-15 min on 275 in oven on a cookie sheet is sufficient.


HOWEVER, the oil caps give more of a 'high'. The dry caps work more for pain.

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225 is the best temp you are trying to remove excess water and carbon which don't require alot of heat... although thc vaporizes at like 315F i believe don't quote me... you can still diminish potency with excessive overheating... make sure its not done in a metal pan the heat is absorbed and becomes hotter....after that gfrind it up as fine as u can with a coffee grinder and place it in the caps....if u r using cuttings normal doses are 3-6 caps a day if u r using budsits less depending on tolerances

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i forgot the name of the baking dishes we use but the are white ceremic style with the glass lids... cornell makes them i think.i might be wrong.


Here is 1 method a friend of mine posted on my website.



I've seen several methods out there, some using buds, leaf or trim and others using Kief. Seems like it's really going to come down to access, trial, error, and preferance.


Hope this helps.

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there are numerous methods out there. What it boils down to is grind to fine powder, heat to activate (dry or in enough oil to make a paste) cool and put in capsules. Heating time varies among recipes, but I usually heat for about 30 minutes wet or dry. Make sure you use a thermometer whether you use oven or oil method to avoid vaping the THC out. If you check out my blows you will find a few recipes ....

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I make my caps with coconut oil. First I grind the buds to a very fine powder. Then I cook the oil and powder in a water bath, using a pyrex cup and a slow cooker. I maintain the temp btw 170-180 F, for several hours. Then I pour the heated oil onto a frozen cookie sheet, and it solidifies immediately. Then I place the cookie sheet in the fridge until I ready to fill my caps.


If you are going to fill the caps with dry meds, decarboxylation is necessary to activate the desired compounds in the marijuana. Otherwise the thc, cbd, etc. cannot be absorbed into the blood stream.

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The best results I am aware of use only extra virgin coconut oil and cannabis.

Do NOT use vegetarian capsule shells, as they will degrade quickly.

Make SMALL capsules, not big ones. A small one goes a long way. They are quite strong.

Get a good capsule maker, avoid concentrating more of the oily material in some capsules than others. Make an even batch.

Grind the cannabis using a coffee grinder, the finer the material the better. It increases the surface area of the material.

Do not drink a carbonated beverage after ingesting, unless you want your belches to reek of cannabis.

It takes about 40 minutes to set in, so be patient rather than taking another dose.

As the cannabis cycles through your system, there may be small intervals where it wears off before coming back. Be patient during these intervals rather than taking another dose.

Keep em' in the freezer.


Here is a link to some better directions. Read them all the way through three times before you do this.

My link

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