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LED's are good for flashlights, Christmas lights, and othe electronic uses.


Buy one of each, and then see what happens.


Sales data says they are all that.... and more.


Reality: If they were all that, we would all be using them. A few years down the road, perhaps.

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I went to Lowe's and bought a cheap five socket light bar, for the bathroom vanity. $20.


I bought five 100 watt spiral fluorescent light bulbs. About $2 each, (in a box of 6.) = $10


Drilled holes at each end. I can hang it, or set on floor, or across a 3 gallon pot. Today, I have it laying across a 3 gallon pot, just off the floor, exactly between the midpoint of the two regular 600w. overhead lights. I then can then rotate the plants, and/or move the light bar around the plants.


It only draws 115 watts, but puts out 5 points of 100w. of light. (That IS NOT the same as a 500w bulb. Far different.)


However, for side lighting, for $30 bucks, and not much wattage use, it works in my room.


A guy on a tight budget could start with a few of these, esp. for a veg cycle,and when able, buy real lights, and then continue to use these as side lights.


Clic for pic

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