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Essential Oil Distillation Hobby

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Asking for comments pro and con, on the hobby from anyone in the community who has or still is distilling essential oils.


Thank You



We wud like to offer patients/caregivers transfers of essential oils (I have Simpson oil/paste in mind, not olive oil--LOL). We are a dispensary in SW Detoit operating on Judge Chamberlain's model, so whomever stores the product in a leased locker sets the price and we (storefront) take 20%. We hope someone wishes to make Simpson available and set a very reasonable price for transfer.

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I have a feeling you are thinking the same as I.


I have the flasks & condenser and have done some other extractions with this method.


I want to try a oil extraction from canibus but my research has led me to believe that water will not work. Not efficiently enough anyway. I don't mind wasting other less expensive or free herbs to get a little oil. Need a better solvent which leads to needing an evaporation metiod which leads to danger without the expensive safety equipment. Hood, sealed mantle, etc.


Would also like to hear anyone's experience with this.

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I've used this method a couple times to make oil- comes out pretty good. I think I read to do this from cannabis alchemy from d. gold? I'm not 100% sure, I cant quite remember I read to many books. Plus you can collect your alcohol back. You heat the water it heats the pot and makes the alcohol evaporte wich collects on the chilled plastic at the top wich should be pointed in the middle so that it runs down to the middle and then over the product you are trying to extract from. Let it cool before removing the top and I would do this outside- make sure you keep ice in the plastic so it dont overheat. The resin filled alcohol will collect in the middle pan- simply dump that into the big pan and repeat. The resin will then be left in the big pan and the alcohol collected in the middle pan. Sometimes you have to let it evaporate a bit further to get all the alcohol out.


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