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4 Steps To Make Your Computer Run Fast And Smooth.


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step 1:

cleaning your temp. Goto my computer then goto c:/ now find the folder named windows

now go into that folder and find the folder named Temp. go into that folder and highlight all files in that folder do not remove the folder itself just contents inside .


Step 2:

Cleaning your Prefetch inside the windows folders inside C:/ find the folder named Prefetch go inside that folder highlight everthing but a folder named ReadyBoot do not remove ReadyBoot just all the rest of the contents inside besides that folder.


step 3:

Basic Windows Tools

goto windows start menu all proggrams then Accessories then System Tools then diskclean up just fellow along what it tell you to do this will clean old files that windows dont need any more.


now step 4.

disk defrag. goto windows start menu all proggrams then Accessories then System Tools then Disk Defragmenter fellow along what it tell you to do


after doing all 4 of these step your computer will run faster and smoother

you should use these 4 steps once a week for better results.

there are also freeware proggrams that will help to such as spybot s&d



holp this might help someone out there im new to the site and realy dont have not posts yet so i want to make a post that may help. enjoy :)

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One more thing, when you first turn on your pc does it take a long time till its actually done loading?... Well what is happenning is there are several things trying to start up all at the same time Its silly once you see what I'm talking about !!!

When I was just a noob to pc's back in my teens I bought a brand new computer from Best buy right... thing was slow as molasses I didn't understand why?????

So the "geek squad" to my computer over the counter and said umm... it will be $100 bucks... ALL THEY DID WAS WHAT I'M GONNA TELL YOU!!


I watched this happen, k ready?


1) click the start button


2)click run


3)type the word " msconfig "


4) k, you see the box that popped up? you see the tab that says "startup"? click that...


5) OK now... is there like 100 little red checked boxes, If so you have discovered why you pc is running like donkey poop!!!


6)from this point most people are looking at the things that are checked and going wth do these words mean? well I still do it to... I can tell you that you can find the definitions to those words or srht hand phrases, But I can also tell you most are NOT important there will be things like yahoo, aim, run32dll, block tracker, hkcmd, sgtray..... I know this cause I'm looking at the window right now on my computer..... believe me they look like important things some are but none will harm your computer...


7) k, now I only leave my anti-virus running for instance mine says avastUI. I will leave that unchecked.. so if you have Norton I guess you would see that word in some form.but If you do you use Norton I would suggest d/l'n a new anti virus like AVG,AVIRA,AVAST... These can all be downloaded FOR FREE at www.download.com, Moving on down at the bottom you will see "enable all" OR "disable all" click the one that says "disable all" Or click them one by one leaving the ones you want. now remember these are ONLY things that will start running when you turn on your pc.. so with that being said..


8) it will ask you to restart your computer click ok, its now rebooting..... BAM no more little hour glass thinking about how much crap it has to load...and your pc should have alot more ram to use now cause all those boxes that were checked are no longer running in the background of your pc!!!! remember this can allways be undone by going back in a checking all the boxes that you unchecked... so.. hope this helps I know for a fact it will!!!



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I also find Microsoft Security Essentials and Malicious Software Removal Tool are helpful and FREE. Why pay for antivirus every year?

I personally have never paid for a anti-virus program, The one's I metioned are all free ware that can be d/l'd through download.com. The only one which you end up paying for is Avast, although they offer a free trial run for 30 days... but if anyone is interested in it I have the full version I would share with anyone if they would like...

I have used Avira-free edition, For years now it can be paid for and you will have the premium version, same for any freeware that is offered out there now a days, but the free versions work just as well minus all the extra's...



^ Works great have used this personally for years^ FREE



^Great program as well^ FREE



^ This is a trial version ^ If anyone decides they like this program I can offer you the full pro version, It is a program that is worth the money



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