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"our Vote Counts?" Production Tour

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Hello, I am going on a week long production tour of the state for my film. The dates of this trip are April 2nd - April 9th or 10th. I will be starting in Ann Arbor with the Hash Bash and going around the state counter clockwise. I am looking for patient testimonials and interviews with Compassion Club owners to get information on how things are in their area of the state. This is the last week of production for my film. I have been getting some great footage and help from the Jackson County Compassion Club and look forward to getting to get some more great footage from around the state. Below are the dates and areas I will be in. I would appreciate all the help I can get. If you are interested you can email me kbrown@kettlewhistleproductions.com. If your a patient and want your story to be heard email me also.



March 26 - Muskegon, Grand Rapids

March 27 - Petosky, Traverse City

March 28 -Marquette, Iron Mountain

March 29 - Mackinaw City, Sault Ste Marie

March 30 - Mt Pleasant, Clare, Grayling

March 31 - Flint, Saginaw, Bay City

April 1-2 - MetroDetroit/Ann Arbor


These right now are tentative dates. If you are around these areas and would like to do a testimonial or interview contact me so I can put you in the schedule. Here is the link to my preview of "Our Vote Counts?" that was screened at the Michigan Film Gala. At this link you can also donate to help fund this film and trip. For the first 100 donations you receive a "Our Vote Counts?" sticker and a copy of the DVD. Help me get the word out.



Thank you

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