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I Am Looking For Sum Skunk


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As of now I am done growing for a couple months I have just under 2 months before my son is born so I am focusing all my attention on the baby room instead of my grow room. so in my down time i am gonna try and line things up for when i jump back into it. I am looking for some seeds to add to my stock I have a small but nice collection and I am looking for one strain and one strain only. I am looking for some skunk seeds. I dont care if its super skunk,Skunk#1,Power skunk ect.... I just want a straight up skunk not a skunk crossed with another strain. I have seeds of early skunk wich is a cross of early pearl and skunk but its not quite what i am looking for. dont get me wrong its a great strain grew two on my last round one had a nice skunk smell to it and the other was a little more sweet smelling with a hint of skunk. they both were very good plants and were a pleasure to grow and medicate with but i am looking for a straight up skunk breed. I am willing to make the required donation or I will even trade seed for seed from my collection. The followin is a list of what I have to trade and the quantities of each.


hawaiian butterscotch x G13 (5)

early skunk (5)

great white (5)


The above were all purchased from a reputable well known source from the board. dont want to advertise his name with out him knowing so pm and i will let u know who if u need to know.


The following i will trade 2 for 1


Strawberry cough X great white (50)

Lemmon cake X great white (40)

Early skunk X great white (40)


One of my great whites from the first list turned male during my last grow so i seperated him and kept the pollen and crossed with my healthiest ladies and saved only the best looking seeds.


Thats what I have to work with and like I said I will make a donation if a trade is not what any one els wants to do. Respond to the thread or send me a PM if you can help.



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