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Ak,bogglegum, Double Straw. Diesel - Lansing Area

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Have a few clones for offered for a recommended $15 donation. Will only provide to legal card holders, no exceptions. Will only provide as many as you have cards for. If paperwork is your 'card' , you MUST have proof of shipping documents, followed by a proof of check cashing with MDCH within a few days of delivery. No exceptions. If you don't have either, AND a matching picture ID , don't even bother.


Quantity is limited by legal counts, and will run out fast.


All rooted in rapid rooters , then transferred to perlite cups, ie, hempy beer cup.Can be transplanted to hempy, soil, hydroton, etc..


AK47- Been growing this for a couple years, very stable, easy to root/grow. I give these all they want for nutes with no burn.

This pheno was selected for it's finishing time, which is 50-60 days tops.Very potent, great yielder.


Bogglegum- BOG seeds BogBubble crossed with NL#5. Smells and tastes like grape bubblegum, finishes in 45-55 days. This was selected from a room of 36 for it's vigor in veg, and yield.



Double Strawberry Diesel- Rez. seeds Strawberry Diesel crossed with Chemdawg#4. Good yielder that produces very potent tasting and smelling medicine. All of my patients have this as their #1 strain.Finishes in 9-10 weeks.

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