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Chrysler / Eminem Commercial

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OK RS I went and Voted, because you know I grew up on the West Side. I left a part of me there that I will never get back.


To be honest It is one of the most Shameful things in US History how that City more because of its Union Affiliations as much as anythign was Discriminated Against since the Japanese signed their terms of Surrender. The Workers have been swindled into concessions, Sold to a Foreign Nation [Chrysler] and returned ? All in the efforts to diminish the Union and Worker Lot in Life. Which they certainly have done that.

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"Imported from Detroit"

Interesting concept, is Chrysler fully embracing their German/Italian heritage.

Seems kinda weird that the two former Axis powers had/have control over a one of the greatest US auto companies of all time, did they just want to get back at them Jeeps?

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